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Gametitle-FO4 CC
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In space, no one can hear terrible acting!

Captain Cosmos is a piece of Fallout 4 Creation Club content.


The Sole Survivor ventures onto Hubris Comics Publishing's TV studios, to the set of the old Captain Cosmos TV show. Equipment from the United States Space Administration brought to the studio as props for a cross promotion provide a unique weapon, outfit, and set of power armor that would make any space cadet proud.




  • Hub 360
    • Hubris Television Studios
    • Hubris Production Offices
    • Hubris Film Set


Settlement objectsEdit

  • Decorations
    • Wall Decorations



The "incident at ArcJet with the reporter" referenced by Roy Ward involved the death of a journalist during the testing of the XMB booster engine at the facility and the eventual coverup by Thomas Reinhardt, ArcJet CEO, and Sam Brent, head of security. The creation implies that not only did Rory McClellan go to police with information regarding the death, but that there was a public relation fallout for the Mars Shot Project as a result.[1]



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