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This is a transcript for dialogue with Captain Curtis.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 What are you doing here? You don't have clearance. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Get the hell out of my sight. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, what are you doing out here at this hour? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Trouble sleeping again, huh? Well, do yourself a favor - try and get some rest. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Following up on your lead, huh? Good. I'll get out of your way before I blow your cover. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 I hope you catch this guy. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Nice to meet you. I'm Curtis. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Well? 8
GREETING Neutral 50 What is it? 9
VMS08CaptainCurtisCrenshaw Where can I find Private Crenshaw again? Neutral 50 He's stationed just inside the south wall of the base. Should be on patrol, if he isn't screwing around. 10
VMS08CaptainCurtisCrenshawLocker Where is Private Crenshaw's footlocker? Neutral 50 It's in the main concourse. That's the building just across the skybridge. There's a barracks area that'll be behind you on the left when you enter. 11
Neutral 50 His stuff will be at the foot of one of the beds. 12
VMS08CaptainCurtisHsuSentMe Colonel Hsu wanted me to help you look into the recent intelligence leaks. Neutral 50 Smart man. I could use somebody who can operate under the radar around here. 13
Neutral 50 Whoever our mole is, he's been slippery. Whenever one of the MP's gets too close, he changes his habits. Our last lead went cold weeks ago. 14
VMS08CaptainCurtisLegion I know who you are. I'm working for the Legion, too. Neutral 50 Christ, keep it down! You want to blow the whole thing? We've worked years for this. 15
Neutral 50 But maybe it's good you're here. Hsu knows about the leaks, and I'm supposed to find the spy for him. {Thinking during the first sentence. Hsu = "shoo"} 16
Neutral 50 At first I couldn't believe my luck. But since I haven't produced results - for obvious reasons - I feel him looking at me differently now. 17
Neutral 50 Maybe he's just thinking about putting someone else in charge, maybe he's starting to suspect. Either way it's bad for me. 18
Neutral 50 Especially once this next part goes down. 19
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic000 Hsu won't trust me enough to let me investigate. Neutral 50 Yeah, you haven't exactly kept a low profile. That narrows our options somewhat. They're not gonna believe your accusations. 20
Neutral 50 But you can still create an alibi for me. I could make sure people know I haven't been near the monorail all day while you're busy blowing it up. {emphasize "me" slightly} 21
Neutral 50 It'd be better with a scapegoat, but it'll at least deflect some suspicion. 22
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic001 I couldn't sleep, so I decided to take a walk. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Yeah, I get insomnia pretty bad myself, out here. I think it's the heat. Weird how sometimes it's cooler out here than it is inside. 23
Neutral 50 Well, I hope you manage to get some rest. Take it easy. 24
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic002 Hsu bought it. You should be in the clear. Neutral 50 Perfect. This has turned out better than I'd ever imagined. 25
Neutral 50 This will pay dividends for the Legion for a long time to come. I was with Hsu when the bomb went off. He'll never think to investigate me for it. {Hsu= "shoo." Slight emphasis on "me."} 26
Neutral 50 I'll make sure Caesar himself hears about your success today. And take this, courtesy of the NCR. I'm sure they won't miss it. 27
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic003 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Bye. 28
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic004 I have clearance for catching spies. Neutral 50 I don't know what you mean. 29
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic005 You don't seem like you're supposed to be here, either. Neutral 50 Really? And how would you know where I'm supposed to be? 30
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic007 It's done. The evidence is in Crenshaw's locker and Crenshaw is dead. Neutral 50 Poor Crenshaw. He's pulled his last prank. {Curtis ordered Crenshaw's death. This is said with a smirk.} 31
Neutral 50 Go and tell Colonel Hsu you found the bomber. Once Hsu's convinced, we can breathe easy. {Hsu is pronounced "shoo"} 32
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic008 I have a lead. There's been someone sneaking into the control tower at night. Neutral 50 Is that right? No one has any business being in there after dusk. I wonder... 33
Neutral 50 There's a lot of communications equipment up there. He could be using it to touch base with whoever sent him. 34
Neutral 50 You've already done us a lot of good, but I'm afraid to move on this myself. We've tried catching this guy before and he can always smell a trap. 35
Neutral 50 But he may not know about you. I need you to follow him into the tower. See if you can discover his identity. Report back and I'll have him arrested. 36
Neutral 50 Report back when you've got it and I'll have him arrested. 37
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic009 How many years have you been on this assignment? Neutral 50 Took me three-and-a-half years, just to make Captain. Usually takes four, but I made sure there was an early vacancy. {the second sentence is a euphemism - he murdered a guy.} 38
Neutral 50 Caesar sees threats before they're even aware of him. He sent me long before we moved to occupy the eastern riverbank. 39
Neutral 50 And now all my work, all the waiting, is about to pay off. 40
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic010 What next part? Neutral 50 If you haven't noticed, the NCR bolsters its presence on the Strip from here. Sends troopers on the monorail in shifts. 41
Neutral 50 The monorail lets them occupy two positions for the price of one. It's a supply line that's immune to raiders and other hindrances on the ground. 42
Neutral 50 If someone were to cut that line, both positions would be much weaker. Fragile. They know this, and they watch it like hawks. 43
Neutral 50 But I've been here a long time, and I've learned everything there is to know about it. And I'm going to blow up that train. 44
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic011 And you have something in mind for me? Neutral 50 I told you I think they're starting to suspect me. You're going to help me cast away those suspicions. 45
Neutral 50 You're going to put the bomb on that train. 46
Neutral 50 I'll be sure to be in the presence of several reliable eyewitnesses when it happens. Then we're going to pin this on a scapegoat. 47
Neutral 50 I'd planned on disappearing after this operation. It'd be a matter of time before they traced it to me. Figured out I was a {LATIN} frumentarius. {froo-men-tar-ee-us} 48
Neutral 50 But with your help, maybe I can stay on after all. Make plans for something... grander. 49
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic012 Tell me what I need to do. Neutral 50 I have the explosives stashed in a trash can next to the ticketing counter along with some incriminating documents. 50
Neutral 50 You'll pick them up and make your way upstairs to the monorail terminal. 51
Neutral 50 They change the guard there at 0900 and 1800 hours. There'll be a small window where there's no one guarding the train. {military time. so "oh-nine-hundred" and "eighteen hundred."} 52
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic013 The scapegoat isn't me, is it? Neutral 50 No, no. I wouldn't do that. Not unless I didn't have better options, anyway. And I do. 53
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic014 Understood. I'll go and pick up the explosives. Neutral 50 Good. Try to plant the explosives quietly if you can - you'll make both our lives easier. 54
Neutral 50 But first things first. Go offer your services to Colonel Hsu. Tell him you'll work independently to find the leak. {Hsu = "shoo"} 55
Neutral 50 He's running out of options. He'll accept as long as you don't give him a reason not to. 56
Neutral 50 If he doesn't, then don't be surprised if you're the new scapegoat. So don't fuck this up. 57
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic015 Could you go over that again? Neutral 50 Yeah, let's make sure you have it down pat. 58
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic017 I'm not interested in helping you. You're on your own. Neutral 50 Are you sure? Because I think the Legion would frown upon that decision. 59
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic019 I'm positive. Neutral 50 Very well. Let me know if you should change your mind. 60
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic021 I don't. I was just trying to get myself out of trouble. Neutral 50 I can't let you leave. 61
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic022 Nothing. Neutral 50 Be straight with me. If you're onto something, I want to know about it. 62
Neutral 50 If you were to get caught or killed, we'd lose everything you've learned about this case. 63
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic023 Hsu is dead. Neutral 50 What? You idiot! I spent years earning his trust. The whole point of your heading up this operation was to preserve that trust! 64
Neutral 50 Now they'll replace him in a week with some other colonel and I'll be back to square one. You've set me back years today. Years! 65
Neutral 50 Get the hell out of my sight. 66
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic024 I got lost. This place is so big. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Lost, huh? If you say so. If you head over to the front terminal building you should be able to get in through the garage doors in back. 67
Neutral 50 I'm headed that way, myself, actually, so you can just follow me if you need to. 68
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic025 I could ask you the same question. Neutral 50 See those menacing looking troopers with guns standing on the walls up there? That's Bravo Company. My company. 69
Neutral 50 Since Oliver stuck me in a desk job, I hardly ever get to see them during the day. So sometimes I like to check up on them when they have night duty. 70
Neutral 50 But you still haven't answered my question. {emphasize "my"} 71
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic026 So what's the plan? Neutral 50 All right, forget about blaming Crenshaw. Just bomb the monorail. 72
Neutral 50 Without a fall guy, it's dangerous for us to be seen together. We shouldn't speak again. 73
Neutral 50 If you believe in the Legion's cause, your mission is a reward in and of itself. Good luck. 74
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic027 Where should I start? Neutral 50 You want my advice, start by talking to people with a lot of eyes in the field. People like Lieutenant Boyd, or Sergeant Contreras, maybe. 75
Neutral 50 Careful with Contreras, though. He's not above suspicion himself. 76
Neutral 50 Keep me apprised of any leads you get. This guy's gotten a lot of my men killed. I'm just itching to return the favor. 77
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic028 What do I do when I'm at the train? Neutral 50 Put the bomb in one of the vents inside the train on the back wall, towards the joint that connects the cars. Arm it, and get out of there. 78
Neutral 50 I've also left some bomb ingredients in with the explosives. You are to take those to the footlocker of a Private Crenshaw. 79
Neutral 50 Crenshaw's a problem child. Lots of run-ins with his superiors. It'll be easy for them to believe he's working for the Legion. 80
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic029 Is that everything? Neutral 50 Report him to Colonel Hsu. Do all that and we should be free and clear. 81
Neutral 50 Oh, and Crenshaw should be dead before you report him. Don't leave any chance for him to deny the bombings. Let's say he pulled a gun on you. 82
Neutral 50 I've got him on guard duty patrolling the tarmac just inside the south gate. And I reassigned the other guard, so he should be alone. 83
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic030 So where do I find his footlocker? Neutral 50 His footlocker is in the barracks in the main concourse. 84
VMS08CaptainCurtisTopic031 Let's discuss something else. Neutral 50 Okay. 85
VMS08CaptainCurtisWhatDoYouDo What do you do here? Neutral 50 Officially I'm in charge of Bravo Company. But since General Oliver has Bravo and most of our forces here garrisoned, I'm free to do other things. 86
Neutral 50 So I work with Colonel Hsu on logistics. Patrols, supply lines, reinforcements, that sort of thing. 87
What do you do here? Neutral 50 Hell of a position to be in when you're working for the other side. But I have to sabotage with a light touch, or else my guilt would be obvious. 88
What do you do here? Neutral 50 Lately it's been less about that and more about figuring out how that information is getting leaked to raiders. 89
Neutral 50 It's a big base with a lot of unhappy soldiers. They get stir-crazy. Hard to separate the malcontents from the actual culprit. 90
VMS08CaptainCurtisWhoToAsk Who should I be talking to about the intelligence leaks again? Neutral 50 Well, I'll leave that to you. But I would recommend Lieutenant Boyd and Sergeant Contreras as two people who usually know what's going on around here. 91


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Later. 92
HELLO Hello Neutral 50 What is it? 93
VMS08CurtisAmbush VMS08CurtisAmbush Neutral 50 You're getting too close, shamus! {said like an old timey gangster running from a detective.} 94
VMS08CurtisAmbush Neutral 50 This is where your trail runs cold. 95
VMS08CurtisRadio1 VMS08CurtisRadio1 Neutral 50 Lupa, this is Frumentarius Picus, over. {loop-uh, froo-men-tar-ee-us pike-us} 96
VMS08CurtisRadio11 VMS08CurtisRadio11 Neutral 50 Ten-four. 97
VMS08CurtisRadio3 VMS08CurtisRadio3 Neutral 50 Afternoon patrol enters Fiend territory at 1300. Have them mine that stretch. 98
VMS08CurtisRadio35 VMS08CurtisRadio3.5 Neutral 50 That would leave them the morning to bury mines along that stretch. Over. 99
VMS08CurtisRadio5 VMS08CurtisRadio5 Neutral 50 Roger Lupa. 100
VMS08CurtisRadio7 VMS08CurtisRadio7 Neutral 50 Charges are set. Detonation will occur as the train leaves the station. Over. 101
VMS08CurtisRadio9 VMS08CurtisRadio9 Neutral 50 Couple of minutes. Over. 102