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For the company, see Capitol Post (company).

The Capitol Post building is a small office building in Fallout 3. Located in L'Enfant Plaza, it was the office of the pre-War newspaper of the same name.



Outside the office building is a medium sized plaza that is crawling with super mutants. If the Broken Steel add-on is installed, super mutant overlords may spawn here.


The office section of Capitol Post contains a small reception area, and a back room with terminals containing stories published in the pre-war Capitol post, and a printing room in the basement. One of the terminals is rigged (first terminal on the right) and the reception terminal is linked to a sometimes hard to discern safe, situated in the left panel of the receptionist desk (when facing the terminal).

There is a locked door that leads to the terminals, but the player can simply walk around it where there is a giant hole in the wall, leaving hardly any "wall" at all. The only enemies found in the office are several radroaches.

In the printing room, below the main lobby where the floor has collapsed, the body of Gibson can be found, along with a brief note and the key to his house in Minefield.



The Capitol Post building appears only in Fallout 3.


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