Fo3 17th St

Capital Wasteland roadways were once thoroughfares of the region, still utilized after Great War.


The majority of named roads in the region are found within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Several directional street signs notating locations are found on or below overpasses or being repurposed as building materials. Some signs have worn away over time and are no longer legible, and some have been defaced with graffiti.


Street Image Signage Location

1st Street Fo3 1st Street The Mall
3rd Street Fo3 3rd Street Seward Square
4th Street Fo3 4th St Seward Square
5th Street Fo3 6th Street Seward Square
6th Street Fo3 6th Street 2 Seward Square
7th Street Fo3 7th street
Fo3 7th street SewSq The Mall and Seward Square
8th Street Fo3 8th street Seward Square
17th Street Fo3 17th St Pennsylvania Avenue, on the eastern side of the White House
19th Street Dupont Circle
42nd Street Fo3 42nd Street Chevy Chase
Abernathy Street Fo3 Abernathy Street Vernon Square
Andrew Avenue Fo3 Andrew Avenue Mason District
Basso Boulevard Fo3 Basso Boulevard Vernon Square
Basile Avenue Fo3 Bazil Avenue Falls Church
Blanchard Boulevard Fo3 Blanchard Blvd Georgetown
Bradley Place Fo3 Bradley Place Georgetown
Bridge Street Fo3 Bridge STreet Georgetown
Broadway Boulevard Fo3 Broadway Blvd Seward Square
Canal Street Fo3 Canal St Georgetown
Carrol Street Fo3 Carrol Street Takoma Park
Connecticut Avenue Dupont Circle
Constitution Avenue Fo3 Const Av The Mall
Consumption Boulevard Fo3 Consumpt Blvd Seward Square
Dexter Avenue Fo3 Dexter Avenue Mason District
Donoghue Drive Fo3 Donoghue Dr Georgetown
Executive Avenue Fo3 Executive Avenue Pennsylvania Avenue, passing through the White House grounds
Fairford Avenue Fo3 Fairford Avenue Falls Church
Garrett Drive Fo3 Garrett Drive Takoma Park
G Street Fo3 G Street Pennsylvania Avenue
Georgetown Avenue Fo3 Georgetown Avenue 2 Georgetown
H. Patney Drive Fo3 H Patney Drive Vernon Square
Independence Avenue Fo3 Independence Avenue Seward Square
Jarndyce Way Fo3 Jarndyce Way Mason District
Jefferson Drive Fo3 Jefferson Drive The Mall
Lincoln Memorial Circle Fo3 LiMem Circle The Mall
Madison Drive Fo3 Mad Drive Running along the National Mall to the north
Massachusetts Avenue Dupont Circle
Mizin Street Fo3 Mizin Street Falls Church
Mount Vernon Place Fo3 Mount Vernon Place Vernon Square
Mullin Avenue Fo3 Mullin Avenue Mason District
New Hampshire Avenue Dupont Circle
P Street Dupont Circle
Pendergrast Street Fo3 Pendergrast Street Mason District
Pennsylvania Avenue Fo3 Penn Avenue Fo3 penn Av SewSq Pennsylvania Avenue and Seward Square
Salem Street Fo3 Salem Street Vernon Square
Washington Boulevard Fo3 Washington Boulevard Falls Church


Bridge Location Signage
Scavenger's bridge North of the Red Racer factory Scavengers bridge
Covered bridge In Point Lookout Coveredbridge
The Pitt Bridge Crossing the Monongahela River to the Pitt WelcometothePitt
Francis Scott Key Bridge Crosses the Potomac River north of Jefferson Memorial Arlington Memorial bridge

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