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The Villa provides... even if it's not as glamorous as the Cantina Madrid.Dean Domino, on scrounging supplies

The Cantina Madrid is an unmarked location within the Sierra Madre Casino & Resort in the Sierra Madre in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


Before the Great War, Frederick Sinclair's arrangement with the Big MT research company included outfitting the restaurant and its kitchens at his resort with cosmic knives. As the staff soon discovered, however, the knives were sharp enough that they could easily slice through both cutting boards and people's fingers if not handled carefully.[1]

After the Courier started up the Gala Event in 2281 and opened the doors to the resort, Dog and God, Dean Domino, and Christine Royce attempted to get inside as well, only to be subdued by the interior security systems. The three of them were then moved to different areas based on criteria of the system, with the nightkin ending up in the kitchens.[2]


The Cantina Madrid is broken down into two sections: the restaurant and kitchen. The main restaurant is not accessible, leaving only the restaurant's lobby area open to exploration. The entire area is covered in gas until the three gas valves in the kitchen are shut off. When the player character comes into contact with the gas, they will slowly lose small amounts of HP.

There are two entrances to the back area where Dog resides. One is the entrance through the supply closet to the left of the restaurant's reservation desk. This entrance will not be accessible until the gas has been shut off. The other is from the casino floor, via the emergency door found behind the casino bar and up the stairs. The kitchen lobby area contains a workbench and an active electric hot plate.


  • One unshielded (blue) speaker above the door to the kitchen.
  • One radio on top of a trash bin, in the bathroom on the left side after passing the door with the unshielded speaker.

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The Cantina Madrid appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.

Behind the scenes[]

The Cantina Madrid's name is a reference to a bar in the 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. In the film, the protagonist is supposed to meet his employer and receive payment at the bar named the Cantina Madrid.