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Canterbury Commons has become a constant battleground for two costumed "super humans" -- the sinister AntAgonizer and misguided Mechanist.Fallout 3 loading screen

Canterbury Commons is a trading post and a small town located on the eastern edge of the Capital Wasteland, which in the year 2277, is currently suffering from a full-blown battle between two "super humans." It is inhabited by five wastelanders and can be found north of Washington, D.C., north of Vault 108 and southeast of the Temple of the Union.


Canterbury Commons is the end of the Capital Wasteland's established merchant caravan route.Fallout 3 loading screen

Canterbury Commons was initially founded by Uncle Roe and his sister Daisy in 2258 as a trading center for caravan merchants in the Capital Wasteland.[1] Though raider attacks in 2271 and 2274 killed Daisy and her husband Louis.[2]

A few months before August 17, 2277, Tanya Christoff would sink completely into madness and donning "the AntAgonizer" persona to destroy Canterbury Commons. Believing it to be a blight on the wasteland.[3] Once the AntAgonizer destroyed Scott Wollinski's favorite robot he created and donned "the Mechanist" persona to protect the town.[4] The settlement is built into what appears to be the remains of a small pre-War town, with the current inhabitants only using a small part of the buildings available. The town's only permanent merchant, Joe Porter, lives in an old Dot's Diner.

Adjacent to this building is an old garage which is home to Dominic and Machete, and across the street is the old fire station, now Uncle Roe's house which Roe shares with his nephew Derek Pacion. Behind the old garage, a small brahmin stable can be found. In front of the town to the west is a large circular cul-de-sac where caravan merchants regularly appear.



Notable loot

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  • Moira Brown grew up in Canterbury Commons before moving to Megaton.[5]
  • The caravan merchants' inventories may be upgraded by speaking to Uncle Roe in the unmarked quest Merchant Empire.
  • If the player kills or disables (with the Robotics Expert perk) the Mechanist's robots before they can leave for the robot repair center and disappear, they will respawn after 72 hours at the location of their corpse and remain there permanently. They will level with the player character and will change into higher-leveled robots when the player reaches the appropriate levels. For example, a robobrain and a Mister Gutsy will be replaced with sentry bots once the player is at level 20 or above. The robots are friendly towards the player and the town citizens and will attack any random wasteland creatures that may approach.
  • Sergeant RL-3 resides here if dismissed after becoming a companion.


Canterbury Commons appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

Canterbury Commons was originally intended to have an open-air bazaar in the circular cul-de-sac, populated by various traders. Entries exist for two such NPCs, named "Caravan Trader" in the editor, but remain unused and without any vendor containers.



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Canterbury Commons