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This is a transcript for dialogue with Cannibal (Wastelanders).


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 0054B0ED 0054B0F7 N/A (player goes to sleep) I think they are asleep. Should be whispering for this scene.
2 0054E4C9 0054E4DA Hurry up.
3 0054B0EC 0054B102 Let's get this over with, I'm starving. This one looks fresh.
4 00577BC3 00577BD0 Looks like a sucker. Should be easy pickings.
5 00577BC2 00577BDD Are we gona rush in on 3?
6 0054B0C1 0054B0F0 Yep. On my count of three. Ready, 1...2...3
7 0054B0DC 0054B0FE N/A (player wakes up) Shhhhh, I think I hear them getting up. The cannibals are sneaking and should be whispering these line.
8 0057A66D 0057A670 Are you sure?
9 0057A66C 0057A66E I don't know, I think I hear footsteps.
10 0054B0DB 0054B0F3 I thought you said they were sleeping.
11 0054B0DA 0054B0FC I swear they went to bed. Just have my back, maybe they can't hear us.
12 So on my count, we will barge in and...
13 0054B0D9 0054B0F1 You said this was supposed to be easy. I'm hungry, let's just get this over with.
14 0054B0D8 0054B0FA GREETING Hello, are you enjoying your stay?
15 0054B0D6 0054E4E5 Yes, but who are you and what are you doing at my door? We are getting very hungry. Thought we would go for a snack.
16 00577BC6 00577BD3 I think dinner is finally served.
17 0054B0C5 0054B0EE No, not since you've interrupted me. I apologize, we just want to make sure our meal is taken care of.
18 00577BC5 00577BCE And it looks like it's going to be pretty tasty.
19 0054E4D0 0054E4DC Where are Juliette and Hubert? They are little tied up at the moment. So we came to check up on you instead.
20 00577BC7 00577BCF Hey, where do you think you're going?
21 0054E4D4 0054E4E3 [Cannibal] I'm starting to feel a little hungry myself. Feel like I'm looking at a three course meal. Oh god, they're one of us! Let's go. We gotta get out of here.
22 0054E4CC 0054E4DB [Attack] I'll get a better sleep knowing you're dead. Let's go.
23 0054E4CA 0054E4E1 Please don't hurt me. Too late for that.
24 0054E4D2 0054E4E4 Why don't you go ask Hubert? He serves the food. Cut the crap. Let's eat boys!
25 0054E4CE 0054E4E2 [Charisma 12+] Wait! Let me live and I'll mark a nearby community on your map that has all the food you can eat! Ok, but if you're lying, we're going to find you and kill you.
26 00548A5E 0054F9A6 Miscellaneous Idles Get out of my way.
27 00558E50 Who you looking at?
28 00577BFE You got a problem?
29 00577C00 I gotta get out of here.
30 00577C01 I ain't messin' with that guy.
31 00577C02 Screw that, let's go.