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Canned dog food is a consumable item in Fallout 4.


It is Doghouse brand beef stew. Coming in a sophisticated form, dog food can be consumed from a can. However, dog food still contains traces of radiation.


When Survival mode is active, this item reduces hunger by 6 points.


  • Certain merchants such as Trashcan Carla, Trudy, Rufus Rubins, and Myrna may sell canned dog food.
  • It may be found randomly as loot in some containers such as coolers.
  • Seven cans on the elevated highway southeast of Jamaica Plain, which also hosts three armored dogs named Alissa, Kyle and Kate.
  • Six cans inside a bus on a collapsed highway, northeast of the Slog.
  • Four cans can be found sitting on a shelf in the main building of the Slog.
  • Five cans can be found inside the house at Finch farm, on the bookshelf next to the door.
  • Five cans can be found in Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, primarily in the kitchen.
  • Four cans at the Drumlin Diner in Salem.
  • Three cans in the diner seen to the north from the Jamaica Plain town hall, in a cardboard box behind the serving counter in the back.
  • Three in Proctor Quinlan's quarters on the Prydwen on a bookshelf.
  • Three can be found inside the Prydwen quarters, on top of a safe to the right of the bed.
  • Three can be found inside the Fens Street sewer while tracing the Dear detective tapes. They are sitting in a plastic crate next to a dog house as part of one of the Fens Phantom's works of "art."
  • Three at Walden Pond, two on top of the gift shop, and one in the hideout.
  • Nuka-World (add-on) Three can be found on shelves in the garage at the end of Bradberton Amphitheater in Nuka-Town USA.
  • Two cans can be found inside the Saugus Ironworks, on the second floor, in the same room as the Protectron unit.
  • Two can be found in the Revere Beach station: one is next to a barrel on a platform in one of the train tunnels; the other is located in a small blue crate next to cooking station, nearer to the end of the same room.
  • One can be found at the Starlight Drive-In, in a pile of rubble behind the corner of the projector screen.