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Canada was a pre-War country, annexed by the United States before the Great War.[1]


Canada is located to the east of Alaska and Russia.[2] During the Resource Wars, the United States annexed the country on June 3, 2072.[1]

Known locations


  • When the stolen vehicle of Danielle Faye was recovered, the contents included a Canadian flag.[3]
  • When speaking to Cass about Jean-Baptiste Cutting she makes fun of his name, saying it sounds "Canadarian."
  • Canada is mentioned on the terminal of disgruntled soldier Jackie.[4]
  • Canada is listed as an incorrect answer to the question "Which country was the first to build a major railway system?" in an exam at the Pioneer Scout camp.
  • The sales figures of Sunset Sarsaparilla can be found on an infographic poster in the company's headquarters. The poster includes sales figures for Canada.[5]
  • Some individuals such as Marge LeBarge and Dave Handy traveled from Canada into what was the United States before the war.[6][7]
  • In Fallout 3, all mailboxes have a 5% chance of having mail addressed to residents who were not able to secure a spot in local vaults. The letter lists other sites, including "newly annexed Canada" as a possible alternative.[8]
  • There is a special encounter in Fallout Tactics called "Canadian Invasion Recreationists." During this encounter, Clarisse will instruct a group to gather next to the American side of a line drawn on the ground.[9] She will then direct the group to walk across to the Canadian side of the line and once complete, the group gets drunk to celebrate.[10] She mentions that there is strong evidence that the Canadian army wore pink.[11]
  • Another random encounter in Fallout Tactics is called Canadian Invasion, where a group is hostile to anyone who approaches, calling them "Canadian scum" and "devious," further commenting that Canada started the Great War.[12] When engaged in combat, they state that they "invaded your country once, and we'll do it again!"[13][14]

Behind the scenes

  • The Northwestern Territories of Canada would have been explored in the canceled Fallout Extreme and is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.[Non-canon 1][Non-canon 2]
  • The Quebec Claw is the secondary antagonist of the Yukon Five, which references the Canadian location, Quebec. The fictional story takes place in the Yukon Territories.



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