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What terrors await in the darkness beyond the fire?

Event: Campfire Tales is a public event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Destroy the "Shadows."
  • Eat, drink and emote around the campfire.
  • Gather firewood from three spots nearby.
  • Find the missing camper's items.
  • Keep the campfire lit while fighting either swarms of insects, camp counselor Nia or Flatwoods monsters.

Detailed walkthrough[]

F76 Campfire Tales Shadows


The event begins by gathering around the campfire. Bloodbugs will spawn during each activity. The first interactive activity is to fight off the "shadows" which are five wooden boards painted black with lights for glowing eyes that will appear around the camp, dealing enough damage will cause them to disappear. The next interactive activity is to eat, drink, and emote around the campfire. The third activity is to gather firewood from three areas nearby which will spawn both dry and wet kindling. Collecting 10 dry kindling will progress the event but wet kindling will spawn radants, ticks, and radroaches.

The fourth activity is to find the missing camper's items. The camper's backpack is either in the locker room or under the marquee where the radstag doe corpse is hanging and the camper's lunchbox in the picnic area, but the rest of the event changes depending on which holotape Scout Leader Penny finds.

If the holotape is Layla's, there will be a lucky charm in the showers, a diary in the locker room, and occult tomes in the tent. Once all these items are collected a 1-star legendary wendigo named camp counselor Nia will spawn along with a pack of wolves and bloodbugs. The campfire will start going out and the wendigo must be killed before it goes out or the event will be failed. The player can gather and add additional kindling to the campfire to add more time.

If the holotape is Ronnie's there will be insect pins in the locker room, a dirt-filled jar in the camp office, and a pet rock northwest of the campfire, near a water pump and cooking station. Once all these items are collected three waves of insects will begin spawning, including radroaches, ticks, ants, bloodbugs, bloatflies, stingwings, bee swarms and radscorpions. The 1-star legendary radscorpion in the third wave must be killed before the campfire goes out or the event will be failed. Additional kindling can be gathered and added to the campfire to add more time.

Once the legendary radscorpion or Nia is killed before the campfire is extinguished, the quest completes, awarding ammo, XP, caps, and a 25% chance of a Possum badge if The Order of the Tadpole has been completed beforehand.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Gather around the campfireScout Leader Penny is hosting a spooky Pioneer Scout tradition: campfire tales! I should gather by the fire for a fun and frightful story.
Listen to Scout Leader Penny's storyA good Pioneer Scout would listen respectfully while Scout Leader Penny tells her story.
Destroy the "shadows"This is an interactive tale! I should help the young Pioneer Scout in the story combat her fear of the dark by dispelling the nearby "shadows".
Eat, drink, and emote near the campfireIn this part of the story, I should act as a young Scout by the fire - eating treats and sharing feelings with friends.
Gather Dry Twigs for the fireIn the story, the young Scout has gone out by herself in search of firewood. I need to play her role by doing the same.
Bring evidence of the missing camper to PennyThe campfire tale has been cut short by a mysterious emergency: Scout Leader Penny reports a missing camper. Maybe the camper left a message around the camp for me to bring to Penny.
Listen to the missing camper's holotapeThe camper who left the holotape went missing a long time ago, leaving behind a chilling story that is all too real.
Kill the Wendigo
Survive the insect swarm
Defeat the mysterious monster Cut content


Potential rewards
Baseball grenade Legendary cores (2-6) Plan: Campfire Tales tent Possum badge
Purified water (2) RadAway (2) Recipe: S'mores Stimpak (4)


  • This event will only occur at night (between sunset and sunrise) in-game time.
  • This event was expanded with the Invaders from Beyond update.

Behind the scenes[]

There are several cut variations of this event. One version, identifiable in the game files with a "mansion" keyword, would have involved a "creepy doll," a Protectron, a yes/no voting system, and an NPC known as "The Narrator" (voiced by Chris Andrew Ciulla). Another ending that was originally unimplemented, the one with the Flatwoods monster, was introduced with the Invaders from Beyond update.