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Camp guide program v3.4 is a holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Found in the robot repair hangar at the Morgantown Airport once the Tentative Plans quest is active. It will be on the old stereo at the back of the hangar near the kitchen, next to the sweet bean note.
  • Another copy can also be found in the same hangar, on a rolling cart, to the right of a yellow recharging table.


codebase mod prog

;camp guide prog v3.4 beta
;;notes: this loads primary camp guide AI
;;;only works with my personal robot
;;;;until i fix bugs -mcaldera

//../../../brain/run *camp-guide*.mod
//../../../ai/tether==true?del tether:stop
//../../../ai/mod loyalty=id.human
//../../../ai/del follow id.owner


... executing ....

Program only compatible with the following Responder Protectron models: Volunteer Bot, Poison Control Bot (defunct), Veterinary Bot (defunct), and Dance Bot (defunct)

Running this program on other devices may damage the holotape.