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Camp Venture terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in Camp Venture in Fallout 76.

Command Center Access

FO76 Camp Venture (Command Center Access).jpg

Note: This wall terminal is on the exterior wall of the command center building.

Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

(Password Required) Unlock Door

Note: The following entry is displayed if one has not yet found the command center password during the quest Defiance Has Fallen.


If you need after hours access to the Command Center, please consult the Quartermaster at Secure Storage for the password of the day.

Unlock Door

Note: The following entry is displayed if one possesses the command center password, during the quest Defiance Has Fallen. Accessing this command unlocks the door, which is locked and requires Picklock level 3.

PASSWORD: i4x!!pXoGG__3#



Commander's terminal

FO76 Camp Venture (Wilson Terminal).jpg

Note: This desk terminal is on the white metal table inside the command center building.

Camp Venture Training CO Terminal

Personal Notes

Squires and Ranks

I had a long talk with Paladin Taggerdy about the ranks of the Brotherhood. Unlike most of the rest, I am fine with them in general. Scribe, Knight, Elder - all respectable names.

But Squires? Belmonte told me what a squire actually was. They were young noble kids being trained to be knights one day. Calling a grown man or woman a Squire is just insulting.

Apparently, the argument was good. The Paladin said Elder Maxson has some other ideas about renaming the ranks, but for now he's letting people digest the changes that have already been made.

The Brotherhood

So we're now the Brotherhood of Steel. Still hashing out the changes we need to the training regimen. All the physical skills are still valid and under my direction. Paladin Taggerdy will coordinate with Elder Maxson with regard to other training changes.

The current class is understandably confused, but we'll get it done.

Training Starts

My father said I'd never be an officer. Scroungers like us never amount to anything. He was wrong.

The Thunder's having a hard time with what we saw at West Tek. Experiments. FEV. But there's no going back. Even if we found a General, how can we take orders? For now, Captain Roger Maxson is the end-of-the-line. Chain of command established.

I'm coming around on that Grant kid. He is another mouth to feed, but he got us into West Tek. And he made sense of the lot of it. The Lieutenant may be right about him.

Once the Camp's operational, will commence Duty Logs.

Saved Reports

MAR-26-86: Tex Rogers

Since the Great War this is the first training Commendation I've issued. And it's well deserved. He didn't much look like it when Moreno found him, but Tex has the right stuff. Never seen someone take to the training like he did, especially for his age.

With the Super Mutants over by Huntersville heating up, had to shave a week off basic for the current class. Not only did Tex rise to the occasion, but he helped his squad through. Recommended to the Paladin that we fast-track him for promotion. The man's a born leader and has a sense of touch in a 51-b that you just can't teach.

NOV-09-83: K Kelly

There's no one to send a letter to. I didn't know K Kelly well. We're all shocked. She was a reservist, seemed to be learning, well-liked. Poor Grant found her body.

Going through her effects, seems like she lost a lot of kin. Close kin. Didn't look it, but she was taking it hard. Given the world full of graves we left behind, I suppose I should be shocked more soldiers don't take the easy way out.

I hope the final mission treats you well, K Kelly.

JAN-03-81: E Fisher

Recruit E Fisher went AWOL. Severe understatement.

One week before graduation, E Fisher showing promise. Officer of the Watch reported yesterday morning E Fisher was missing. So was one combat shotgun, ten boxes of shells, our salvage recon map, and other sundries. He ripped us off.

Tried tracking him down but lost him at the base of the Savage Divide. I hope to God the raiders kill him. One highly trained Army Ranger (almost) with a specialty in demolition... There are no words.

Tomorrow the LT and I are going to have a talk about our recruiting strategy. Hopefully she listens this time.

First Class Duty Logs

Command Personnel Only

Duty Log THNDR8107A

It's been 29 days since Taggerdy ordered Camp Venture online to fill out our ranks, and I'm honored to report that we're fully operational. Had to improvise the regimen without any airborne component, but everything else has been adapted.

To ensure our survival, Taggerdy needs true soldiers. Not mercenaries, not weekend warriors, but cold-blooded killing machines bursting at the seams with efficiency, determination and grit. That's what I intend to give her - the best of the best.

> Loading...

Duty Log THNDR8234A

Nine recruits signed up at Venture in the last month, and two already quit. Out of the remaining six, it's my opinion that four of them are worthy to join the Thunder. The remaining two will likely wash-out before the end of the week.

The only way to earn my respect here is to graduate, there are no prizes for second place.

> Loading...

Duty Log THNDR8881A

In regards to the fatality, I'd like to state that while the recruit's passing was regretful, it wasn't a surprise. With an intense training regimen, some breakage was, and still is, to be expected. To prepare these recruits for battle, I have them perform live-fire exercises against hostile targets. It's the only way to ensure they are fully ready for battle.

I sent a formal request to Taggerdy to join us for the fallen recruit's funeral. Hopefully she can attend, and we can put this tragedy behind us.

> Loading...

Duty Log THNDR8708A

As expected, we're down to four recruits. I'm getting pressure from Taggerdy to accelerate training, but I'm going as fast as I can. She said she'd wait until I considered them ready.

The only obstacle is the lack of Power Armor parts. New recruits overwork the hydraulics, which leaves the suits out of commission until they're repaired. I've asked for replacements, but Taggerdy's saving them for the soldiers in the field. For now, I'll just have to make do with that we have.

> Loading...

Duty Log THNDR9114A

Pleased to report the first class has graduated and have joined Taggerdy's Thunder. I'm certain that they'll prove to be worthy soldiers and honor the ideals set forth by the Lieutenant and Captain Roger Maxson.

As word spreads that we're seeking soldiers, new recruits show up at Camp Venture. They're eager to learn what the Thunder has to offer, and some are ex-military, perhaps looking to rekindle that sense of structure they lost after the bombs.

Perhaps in a few years, we can call ourselves an army. That would be a hell of a thing.

> Loading...


FO76 Camp Venture (Organic Notes Terminal).jpg

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk in the east corner of the command building.

Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

Edward "Eddie" Hayes Jr. files. Archived 11/02/2081.

March Roster


Edward "Eddie" Hayes Jr. files. Archived 11/02/2081.

Week 1

- Level 1 Cardio
- Level 1 Strength Training

Survival Skills
- Building a fire
- Clean water
- Shelter

Week 2

- Level 1 Cardio
- Level 1 Strength Training
- Level 1 Hand to Hand Combat

Survival Skills
- Target practice
- Field dressing
- Safe vs poisonous flora

Week 3

- Level 2 Cardio
- Level 2 Strength Training
- Level 2 Hand to Hand Combat

Survival Skills
- Wilderness navigation
- First aid
- Signals

Week 4

Survival application week

- Obstacle course competition
- Survival trial

Personal Notes

Edward "Eddie" Hayes Jr. files. Archived 11/02/2081.

Group Assessment

This next group I'm about to take on is mostly Free States members plus stragglers. Time to whip these kids into shape. Maybe even convert those few who haven't seen the light of day yet.

Raleigh said he wants my best, so I aim to please. These kids won't find any mercy in my camp.

Ella Ames

I don't normally comment on just a single trainee, but this Ella Ames is something else. Apparently, she's got a VTU medical education on top of her extensive knowledge about Appalachia flora and fauna. She knows her way around a firearm, how to dress a deer, and even has a couple wrestling moves up her sleeve.

If things really go down as Raleigh's saying, her bunker's the first place I'm heading to should anything happen to mine. Hell, I'd make some excuse to get locked in with her and her family if I wouldn't upset their supply balance.

Bunker Development

I'm debating if I should go into bunker development during these camps. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to show what the space would be like. I could take them to mine, but I'm not about to give up the location. I've heard some of the Free Staters have had their share of problems with locals trying to sabotage their efforts. Knowing my luck, they bother me, I put a few fellas in the hospital, and no one wants that.

Control terminal

FO76 Camp Venture (Control Terminal).jpg

Note: This white console terminal is located on the first landing of the metal staircase from the camp to the helipad.

Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Survival Training Center: Landing Pad

Helipad controls are for authorized personnel only. Please see Eddie Hayes for passcode.

Cargobot Supply Drop

Note: This is the default text.

*** ERROR ***

Unable to establish connection.

Note: The following header is conditional.[clarification needed]

Communicating request... ... ...
Validating passcode... ... ...

Request confirmation received. Cargobot enroute to current location.

Please standby.

Note: The following header is conditional.[clarification needed]

A cargobot has already been deployed to your location.

Upcoming Deliveries

This weeks upcoming deliveries. Send any new requests my way.

- Eddie

- 10 gallons purified water
- 5 units stimpaks
- 2 case antiseptic
- 2 units bandages

- 5 cases general rations (see me for specifics)

- 12 cases beer

- 20 units batteries

NOTICE: Dangerous Tech

TO: All Brotherhood of Steel Personnel

With the last cargobot down, Senior Knight Wilson has ordered all dangerous technology to be stored in the secure cache in the basement of Hut VEST. It may not be as secure as the off-site depot, but good luck to any Raider that tries breaking into it.

The more tech we can secure, the safer our future may be. Ad victoriam!