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Welcome to Camp Searchlight, the shittiest place on Earth.Private Edwards

Camp Searchlight is an irradiated former NCR military camp, located at the convergence of Nevada State Route 164 and Highway 95 in the Mojave Wasteland.


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During the Great War, the bombs forced the Searchlight police department to divert a convoy carrying nuclear waste from San Onofre into Searchlight, so that the waste could be safely stored. The trucks could be parked at the fire station without exposing them to nuclear blasts that would turn the sealed, secure fuel casks transported on the flatbeds into massive dirty bombs.[1]

The spent nuclear fuel rods remained there for over two centuries. When the New California Republic deployed in force to the Mojave, Searchlight was chosen as a site for a military base. Camp Searchlight was established, becoming a major communications and logistics hub for the NCR Army. However, this simultaneously made it a target for the Legion. Vulpes Inculta devised a plan that involved using frumentarii to intercept shipments of supplies meant for the camp, depriving the troops of necessary materials and stockpiling them for later use by the Legion.[2][3]

As the supply issues worsened, tensions emerged among the camp's senior staff,[4] and the frumentarii waited for an opening in the camp's defenses. The opportunity came soon, as the patrol routes were changed again for operational security reasons.[5] As usual, gaps opened in the patrol routes as the troops had to get used to the new schedule.[6]

The second initiative perpetrated by Vulpes was the one that caused the camp's destruction. He sent in a small group of legionaries, ordering them to infiltrate the fire station and unseal the nuclear fuel casks, unleashing lethal levels of radiation on the camp. The legionaries were killed instantly alongside some NCR personnel. The rest of the NCR soldiers turned into ghouls or died soon thereafter of radiation sickness.[7][8] Only a handful of troops out on patrol survived, rallying under First Sergeant Astor.[9] In the meantime, a task force under centurion Aurelius of Phoenix landed at Cottonwood Cove, establishing a beachhead on the western side of the Colorado River and immediately launching raids on both the surviving NCR troops and especially supply and trade caravans heading up to New Vegas. Further legionary groups moved up north and west as time went by, targeting Nelson and Nipton to lay the groundwork for the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.[10]


Camp Searchlight has several buildings that can be entered, all of which are radioactive alongside the town. The buildings which can be entered include a schoolhouse with a few golden geckos, a house containing the non-hostile ghoul Private Edwards, and a church on the western end of town, containing Logan and his prospector companions who are looting the town for the Crimson Caravan Company. Upon entering the fire station, where the radioactive canisters were originally stored and opened, the Courier will immediately encounter a radscorpion queen and several normal radscorpions. To enter the firehouse, Logan needs to be joined or killed, as he holds the key. There are several terminals outside that control the turret defense system.

Astor's recon campEdit

The devastating radiation attack by the Legion on Camp Searchlight has pushed the surviving NCR soldiers back to a minimum safe distance. The fury and emotion are still raw, as First Sergeant Astor leads his men on patrol and witnesses what his brothers-in-arms have turned into. In the modest camp, First Sergeant Astor's log can be found, discovered that he blames himself for the incident.[7]



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  • The background music is City of the Dead which was originally used for Necropolis in Fallout, as well as Navarro and Vault 15 in Fallout 2.
  • "REVELATION 9:6" is printed on the board outside of the western church, with the "L" being an upside-down "T." This verse reads "And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them."
  • Multiple Searchlight firetrucks appear in the Divide, in the add-on Lonesome Road.
  • If the Courier follows Vulpes Inculta's recruit group, they will pass by here and get into a fight with the NCR troops around 5:30 p.m.
  • Camp Searchlight can be seen without the green haze in the E3 2010 trailer.[11]
  • The trucks in Searchlight carrying the nuclear waste were part of the same convey as the truck poised on the overlook above Cottonwood Cove.


Camp Searchlight appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Logan will not talk with the player character. Also, he does not have the key when pickpocketed or killed, if having already killed other characters involved in obtaining Knock-Knock. Note: if killed before killing Boxcars while on the Wheel of Fortune quest, his body should have both keys on it.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 If the player character discovers and raids the supply cave before approaching Logan, it will be impossible to proceed with the quest, only if the 4 radiation suits have been repaired to make one radiation suit already.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Two firetrucks, both stationed behind the Camp Searchlight fire station, don't have fully developed physical properties. The back end of each the trucks have no physical properties whatsoever and the player character can clip through them, with the exception of the cabs.[verified]



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Camp Searchlight
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