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Camp Liberty is a location in the Skyline Valley region of Appalachia.


Camp Liberty was used by the Defense Intelligence Agency as a testing ground for a social experiment to demonstrate the viability of communist brainwashing to create sleeper agents. The DIA chose the camp for its remote location from the general public and used the Pioneer Scouts as their unwitting test subjects, using a combination of techniques to put them into a suggestible state and deliberately indoctrinate them with communist values, using a combination of government actors and genuine communist-leaning youth from Appalachia. The operation was kept secret by conditioning children to provide cover stories for their time at the camp.[1]

After the Great War, DIA staff abandoned the camp, leaving their victims to their fates. With their programming active, the Scouts promptly rallied and organized a commune, planning to rebuild post-apocalyptic America into a communist utopia.[1]


The Camp is located in the extreme southeast of Skyline Valley, down a path away from the highway. It's centered around the mess hall, converted into a command center, with the theater and bonfire behind it. To the north lies the prison, converted from an enclosed basketball court, with the shooting range across the creek and the infamous Island to the northeast. The southern half of the compound has the tents and surviving bunkhouses, with the largest to the southwest devastated by the Storm recently.

Interactive map[]

Notable loot[]

  • Five copies of the propaganda flyer, with two at the activity center and three on the Pioneer Scout board in the center of camp.
  • Two copies of the same two notes, Camp recruitment drive and Stony Man Lookout assault, can be found in different locations:
    • On the notice board just outside the camp entrance.
    • On another notice board by the prison area, made out of a basketball court, next to the bonfire.
  • Ben's diary entry #2 and #3 - Notes, on a shelf in a locker in one of the green tents to the south. The tent is directly across from a cooking station.
  • Camp fire tale - Note, on the ground at the bonfire.
  • Final words - Note, next to the corpse of a park ranger in a cell at the prison area next to the bonfire.
  • Operation Sleeping Giant - Note, spilling out of a trash can on the floor of the Expedition Leader cabin to south.
  • Pioneer treasure hunt start - Note, attached to the Pioneer Scout board near the associated Possum and Tadpole vending machines.
  • Prison incident report - Note, on a table next to a lantern, near the prison area next to the bonfire.
  • Red Menace - A fixed location of this holotape game can be found on a green table next to a safe, near the prison area next to the bonfire.
  • Two potential magazines:
    • On a coffee table in the sniper's tower overlooking the stage.
    • At the outside tents, in the tent next to the cooking station, in the left open locker.


Camp Liberty appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.

Behind the scenes[]

Double Eleven developer George Platten was a level designer on Camp Liberty.[Non-game 1]


Behind the scenes[]

  • Operation Sleeping Giant bears similarity to CIA's long-running, illegal MKUltra human experiments, as well as numerous fictional portrayals of brainwashing, such as the 1959 The Manchurian Candidate. Despite the popularity of the plot device, including within the Fallout series itself, brainwashing remains a theoretical concept; MKUltra and other projects produced no operational subjects, and the only successes of brainwashing remain confined to fiction.
  • Even within the context of Sleeping Giant, it's difficult to separate conditioning from independent conclusions. Ben's diary entries include an entry in 2103 that describe his belief in communism not using terms stereotypically associated with the ideology, but by describing real, material problems with the pre-War United States, its foreign policy and ultimately the Great War.



  1. George Platten on Twitter: "Always awesome to see people do deep dives on your levels. Good video as usual from oxhorn here. 🙏"