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This is a transcript for dialogue with Logan.


GREETING GREETING Anger 50 Who the fuck are you? 1
GREETING Anger 25 Shut up and keep going. 2
GREETING Anger 30 I don't know where the hell you're going but it's not the right way. Are you still in this? 3
GREETING Anger 5 What do you want now? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 <Police Station Dialogue> 5
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic000 Sorry, I didn't catch your name. Anger 25 Name's Logan. What the hell do you want? 6
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic001 <Questions> Anger 15 That's none of your damn business. 7
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic002 <Questions> Happy 20 Tell you what. Bring us those suits, and you can come with us while we loot the town. You can keep a share. 8
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic003 <Questions> Happy 20 It's about damn time. You ready to go? 9
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic004 <Questions> Happy 15 Anything branded by the NCR related to weapons, computers, or radios. 10
<Questions> Anger 15 There's gotta be more than that, keep looking. 11
<Questions> Happy 15 Alright, we can move on now. Here's the key to the Fire Station. 12
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic005 <Questions> Happy 50 Same stuff. Any NCR weapons, computer parts, or radio parts. 13
<Questions> Anger 15 I'll need more than that. Keep looking. 14
<Questions> Happy 30 Alright, thanks for the help. Time to die loser. 15
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic009 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah, whatever. 16
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic010 Nothing, I'm just passing through. Surprise 25 You must be crazy if you're just "passing through" this place. 17
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic011 I'm hunting ghouls. Disgust 15 Then why are you in here bothering me instead of out there hunting them? 18
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic012 Why the hostility? Anger 50 Look, I don't need your shit. Either get out of the way or things are gonna get rough. 19
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic022 Maybe I can help? Anger 15 Look if you really want to help either get the fuck out of our way or hack that damn computer over there. 20
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic023 Can you tell me anything about Camp Searchlight? Anger 10 All I know is that the whole place is filled with radiation, there are nasty creatures roaming about. 21
Happy 25 And that my employer is paying me a pretty penny to loot it. 22
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic028 Who is your employer? Anger 15 Some caravan company, Crimson something or other. Some old broad said they're looking to expand their business, be more competitive or some shit. 23
Happy 15 I don't really care, so long as I get paid. 24
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic034 What are you looking for in the computer? Neutral 50 The location of some radiation suits. I found an inventory list that says they should be here but I can't seem to find them anywhere. 25
Neutral 50 The computer should know what happened to them. 26
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic037 I'll check it out. Disgust 15 Yeah you do that. 27
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic040 I can do that. Disgust 15 Well then, get your ass out there. 28
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic041 I'd better get a bigger share for this. Anger 50 [FAILED] Fuck you. You'll get the same as everyone else. 29
I'd better get a bigger share for this. Anger 20 [SUCCEEDED] Alright, fine, but you gotta bring us those suits first. 30
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic044 Fine, I'll do it. Disgust 15 Good, now get going. 31
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic047 Okay. I'll be back. Anger 15 Just go already. 32
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic050 Yeah, I'm ready. Happy 15 Good, we're going to the Police Station first. Here's the key, we'll follow you there. 33
Anger 15 And just so you know, I'm not leaving town until I get what I came for. If you decide to go wandering off somewhere else, don't expect me to follow. 34
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic051 Hang on, I gotta take care of something first. Anger 30 Well hurry the fuck up, I don't wanna wait all day. 35
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic052 Can I ask you something before we go? Neutral 50 What? 36
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic055 Where exactly are we going? Happy 20 We're gonna check out the police and fire stations. They were the buildings used the most by the NCR, so they're our best chance at good shit. 37
Happy 20 I found the keys on one of the trooper corpses. 38
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic056 What do you hope to find? Anger 25 Anything that's valuable. You done with the questions yet? 39
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic060 Yep, I'm ready to go. Anger 30 It's about damn time. 40
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic069 Nope, I'm getting out of here. Disgust 20 Look, I'm not leaving this place 'til I have what I came for. I'll be in the storage basement if you change your mind. 41
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic070 Sorry, my mistake, I'm still in. Anger 15 Damn right it is. Now let's get going. 42
Sorry, my mistake, I'm still in. Anger 25 Then get your ass back into town before talking to me. I wanna know you're serious about this. 43
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic071 Can I ask you something else? Neutral 50 Whatever. 44
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic072 Can I ask you something else? Neutral 50 Whatever. 45
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic074 Can I ask you something else? Neutral 50 Whatever. 46
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic076 Can I ask you something else? Neutral 50 Whatever. 47
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic078 I'll think about it. Happy 15 Don't think too hard, you'll hurt yourself. 48
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic080 Can I ask you something else? Neutral 50 Whatever. 49
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic084 Can I ask you something else? Neutral 50 Whatever. 50
VMS44CampSearchlightLoganTopic087 Can I ask you something else? Neutral 50 Whatever. 51