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The Codac R9000 camera is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3.


The camera is a twin-lens reflex camera with a fixed focus. Exposure time is controlled by a shutter arm. Illumination is provided by a flashbulb held in a flash holder. After completion of the Broken Steel quest Who Dares Wins, Reginald Rothchild will trade 100 caps and 25 XP per camera in the unmarked quest Getting Ready for Prime Time. It can also be used as Rock-It Launcher ammunition.


Closest map marker Quantity Description
Bailey's Crossroads Metro 1 Outside the metro near a suitcase.
Chryslus Building 5 2 in Reception Area: On desk in SE lower level office with collapsed ceiling and on upper level wooden shelf overlooking large central hole. 1 in Lower Offices on metal shelf next to door to Reception Area. 2 in Basement: On shelf in NE area near locked safe/terminal and on shelf along eastern wall in first office to the right after entering area from Lower Offices and turning left.
Point Lookout (add-on) Coastal grotto 1 On the table in Plik's room.
Dukov's Place 1 On the counter in the raider's camp.
Evergreen Mills 5 In the bazaar.
Fort Constantine 2 Behind a locked door in the bomb storage building.
Franklin Metro utility 1 On a table next to a first aid box. After going to the irradiated tunnel in which the Burnmaster lies, turn around and follow the above path. It'll be in the first chamber on the right.
Grayditch 2 1 in Brandice's house on shelf near front door. 1 in Wilks' house in upstairs bedroom.
Greener Pastures disposal site 1 Inside the office building.
Point Lookout (add-on) Kenny's cave 1 Set up as shooting target.
L.O.B. Enterprises 2 1 on wooden shelf to the left of front desk. 1 in east wing on wooden shelf in upper level office with R&D operations terminal.
Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema 1 1 on a picnic table.
National Guard depot 1 Once inside the armory, use the bunker access terminal to access to bunker, it will be inside on the right hand side on the ground before getting to the Experimental MIRV.
Red Racer factory 3 1 in factory floor on metal shelf. 2 in CEO Offices: On wooden shelf in first room on the right after entering area and on table next to surgeon's terminal.
Roosevelt Academy 1 On the Library's front counter.
Takoma Park 2 In Nifty Thrifty's on shelves to the left and right when entering.
Talon Company recon camp 1 On shelf in basement area.
Tenpenny Tower 1 In Herbert Dashwood's room on a filing cabinet near the terminal.
Vault 106 1 Downstairs in the living quarters in the second room on the right when facing the overseer's office. It will be directly ahead on a shelf.
Warrington station 2 On a filing cabinet near the Metro access & generator exit.


  • Cameras can be found as a random loot item in such containers as metal boxes, suitcases, and safes.
  • Artwork for the city of Necropolis shows a Codac R9000 camera that was used to take a picture of the city.
  • Point Lookout (add-on) Kenny's cave is a constant source of cameras, as Kenny always has one set up for him to shoot at as a target.
  • Jonas Palmer owned a working camera. He takes a photograph of the Lone Wanderer and James in Vault 101 on the Lone Wanderer's tenth birthday.
  • Based on the design of the camera model, it appears to be based on the Kodak Duaflex IV with the flashbulb attachment from Kodak, produced from 1947 to 1960, hence the Codac R9000 title.