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Camden Park is a location in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia in 2102.


Camden Park was an amusement park that advertised rides, picnics and "fun for all" before the Great War.


The chest for this area can be found in a green steamer trunk in the grassy area encircled by the roller coaster. There is a weapons workbench behind one of the bathrooms and a power armor station in the raider encampment by the roller coaster that can be used to deconstruct loot.

Notable lootEdit

  • Reading list - Note, on a desk in the building next to the security robot which gives you the Mistaken Identity daily quest.
  • Mr. Fuzzy token - From completing three event quests inside the park. Spend them at the park terminal (near The Boss) to get small loot.
  • Three magazines:
    • In a portable toilet in the raider camp which is set up in the center of the rollercoaster.
    • On the roller coaster in a seat.
    • On a magazine rack to the left of the entrance, near vendor bot Chad.
  • Power armor chassis with Raider armor pieces in the Raider compound in the south end of the roller coaster at a power armor station.
  • Thoughts of the Day - Holotape, found on top of the roller coaster control panel.
  • Best plan ever
  • West Bridge key - Inside a backpack in a roller coaster car
  • Camden Park badge [verification needed]
  • Two fusion cores:
    • In a fusion generator near the entrance to the Widowmaker.
    • In a fusion generator near the entrance to the Shunt 'n' Bunt.


Camden Park appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenesEdit

Camden Park is a real-world amusement park located near Huntington, West Virginia. The welcome sign also advertises rides, picnics and "fun for all," but the sign in the real world features a clown, while the one in-game has an blue and white cat wearing a shirt and bow tie.


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