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The Cambridge crater is a location in Cambridge in 2287. It is located immediately west of Monsignor Plaza and directly north of Greenetech Genetics in the town formerly known as Cambridge.


The location was destroyed and turned into a radioactive crater during the Great War. At some point in time, a group of ghouls attempted to settle into the crater for protection, but instead were turned feral from the excessive radiation levels.[1] Arlen Glass visits the crater routinely in honor of his family that used to live where the crater is now.

If the Creation Club content "Quake Thunderbolt" is installed, visiting the Cambridge crater will result in a nuclear explosion that kills all the ghouls in the crater (if they have not already been cleared out previously). Entering the crater itself will spawn a trio of champions for the player character to fight.

Notable loot


When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at the northern edge of the crater. One set of comments is made after spotting the feral ghouls.

Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait Spotting the ghouls "I'm thinkin' that comin' down here isn't the best idea you've ever had."
Northern edge "That must have been one hell of a blast. There's nothin' left."
Codsworth Spotting the ghouls "And of course the crater comes with its own welcoming party of Feral Ghouls."
Northern edge "Watch your step, sir/mum. Don't want to topple in unexpectedly."
Curie Spotting the ghouls "A whole pack of feral ghouls. Or is it a herd? Or maybe a murder?"
Northern edge "Another victim of the atomic age."
Danse Spotting the ghouls "Let's make sure that every single one of these ferals is eradicated."
Deacon Spotting the ghouls "Yeah, there's the friendly neighborhood ferals. Hi, guys."
Northern edge "That crater's hot. Ferals nearby, too. Maybe we can pick our way around it."
John Hancock Spotting the ghouls "You looking to join the brotherhood of Ghouls? I ain't sure this is how it works."
Robert MacCready Spotting the ghouls "Oh great... a new source of ferals. It's just what the Commonwealth needed."
Nick Valentine Spotting the ghouls "Sticking around here's a real quick way to earn, then lose, an extra limb."
Piper Wright Spotting the ghouls "Goodness, Blue. Do you have a deathwish? Let's get out of here."
Preston Garvey Spotting the ghouls "Ferals... no surprise there."
Northern edge "This place took a direct hit. Not much left."
X6-88 Spotting the ghouls "A few well-placed grenades could clear out that crater with minimal effort."
Northern edge "I wouldn't advise getting too close to that crater."


The Cambridge crater appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p. 417: "This area was previously a city block in Cambridge. Non–Feral Ghouls moved here hoping it would be a safe haven for them. Unfortunately they turned feral over time. Exercise caution, as the ground is steep and the crater is difficult to climb out of and is full of ferals. A single ammo trunk is located close to the center of the crater."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)