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The Cambridge church is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287. The Railroad uses this location as a transfer point for synths en route to various safehouses.


The church is located halfway between Wattz Consumer Electronics and the BADTFL regional office. The first floor is home to feral ghouls and raiders have taken up residence nearby. The stairs leading to the bell tower are obstructed. A sleeping bag can be found on the second floor of a derelict house located a hundred yards west of the church.

Related quests

  • Boston After Dark: The church plays a key role in this quest, which will only progress at night. If the player character arrives too early in the day, they can wait by sitting on one of the church's many pews.


  • There is a lantern in one of the church's windowsills, indicating the Railroad's use of the building.
  • The area surrounding the church has many raiders and super mutants, especially in the nearby Cambridge construction site.


The Cambridge church appears only in Fallout 4.