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The Cambridge campus diner is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.[1]


The main room of the diner consists of booths laid out against the south and east walls, as well as a jukebox and a counter. Behind the counter is a toolbox with a Novice lock, along with a door to the "employees only" section of the diner.

Behind the "employees only" door is the diner's kitchen, which contains various small foodstuffs and cooking-related junk items. A first aid box is on the wall immediately to the left, and another door on the left leads to a storage area.

Northwest of the diner, there is a broken stairwell next to a flaming barrel leading to the lower level of a collapsed building. Inside, there is a mirelurk and several hatchlings. This is part of the unmarked location Cambridge Academic Center.

Southwest, between the diner and Fraternal Post 115, is a ruined school with a large clock in front. A random encounter will always occur at this place.


The Cambridge campus diner appears only in Fallout 4.



  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide p. 405: "This thriving brick diner once served waffles and coffee, but its current patrons are decidedly less lively and more bony in appearance."