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The Cambridge Police Station is a location in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


The station is being used as the forward base of operations for the Brotherhood of Steel Recon Squad Gladius. When the player is in a certain proximity they will receive the military radio broadcast (AF95) in which the BoS asks for assistance from anybody who can help. The quest Fire Support then starts and the stations location will be marked on your map. Upon arriving the player will discover that the station is under heavy attack from feral ghouls and can then assist the soldiers in stopping the horde of feral ghouls. Once the attack is over the player can talk to Paladin Danse, if you agree to help him the quest Call to Arms is started and the station is accessible. When entering you will see that the station is mostly in ruins. After the Prydwen arrives, the station will get reinforcements and becomes an official outpost. It is the largest outpost in the Commonwealth apart from Boston Airport.


Once entering there is a small lobby area with a couple of small rooms breaking off, one is an office area off to the left with no working terminals and minimal loot, off from that is a small bathroom to the left from the entrance and the Chief's office off to the left as well, heading right will bring the player character to a corridor with a cell block immediately to the right, heading into the cell block and going to the back will reveal a small janitor's closet with minimal loot, straight on from the corridor door will bring to interview/interrogation room, to the left from there will be the watching area to the interrogation room, heading down the stairs will bring the Sole Survivor to the Motor Pool.

When first entering the building there will be a lot of debris with most of the furniture and equipment not set up yet. With each completed quest from Paladin Danse the station will get progressively cleaner and functional as a forward base. After the arrival of the Prydwen and reinforcements at the station the building will be fully operational as the main outpost in the Commonwealth for the Brotherhood.

Notable loot

  • Guns and Bullets issue #6 (+5% ballistic weapon critical damage) - Inside the locked safe (expert) in the chief's office, eastern corner (available after arrival of BoS reinforcements). If the player character has looted this safe before the BoS reinforcements arrive, the safe will be locked and filled again as though it had never been looted. One can also hack the recon data terminal (advanced) on the desk in the same room to unlock the safe.
  • Operation Winter's End - In the evidence room (the one with the light hanging on one chain). On the metal shelves with all the boxes, second shelf up closest to the filing cabinets.
  • Scribe Haylen's personal log - Travel through the hole in the northern corner of the main entrance room and it will be sitting on a small round table to the right.
  • Cambridge Police Station key - On Paladin Danse, if the player character kills him before he enters the station after the fight with the ghouls.


The Cambridge Police Station appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Operating the Gladius Personnel Terminal allows the Sole Survivor to view Paladin Danse's reports. Report 072287-5 refers to grid reference A113. A113 (pronounced A1-13) was the classroom number used by character animation students at the California Institute of the Arts. Many of its alumni (including Pixar staff) have used the number in their professional works. It is said to appear in some way, shape, or form in every Pixar film.


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