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The old Cambridge Police Station has been occupied by the Brotherhood of Steel, and now serves as an important listening post and resupply depot.Fallout 4 loading screens

The Cambridge Police Station is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Before the Great War, the station was shared between Cambridge law enforcement and Boston Police Department Captain Widmark's team working on the Eddie Winter case.[1] Post-War, the station is being used as the forward base of operations for the Brotherhood of Steel Recon Squad Gladius.

When the player character first approaches the area, they will receive on the Pip-Boy radio military radio broadcast AF95, in which Scribe Haylen requests assistance from anyone nearby. The quest Fire Support then begins, and the station's location will be marked on the map.

Upon arriving at the station, the player character will find it under heavy attack from a large horde of feral ghouls, and can assist the Brotherhood soldiers in ending the siege. Once the attack is over, the player character can talk to Paladin Danse. If they agree to help him, the quest Call to Arms is started, and the station will become accessible. Upon entering, one will discover that the station is mostly in ruins. After the Prydwen arrives and Call to Arms is completed, the station receives reinforcements and will be refitted into an official outpost. It is the largest Brotherhood outpost in the Commonwealth, apart from the Boston Airport where the Prydwen is stationed.



Heading south from College Square, the station will be on the right, with a makeshift barricade on the perimeter. Going through the closest gap in the barricade then turning right before the steps up to the station entrance, one will see an ammo box. A nearby gate to the west leads out of the defended area to an alley on the north side of the building.

To the east is a stairway to the outer barricade gantry. On the gantry, the body of Knight Keane and a feral ghoul can be found, along with two ammo boxes and a first aid box. Exiting the barricade to the south and turning right leads to the motor pool (garage) on the south side of the building, which can only be opened from inside the station.

First floor

Upon entering through the main entrance, a short stairway leads up to the station's reception area. Immediately in front is the station's reception desk. On the east side of the room is the Gladius personnel terminal. Three sleeping bags, one for each surviving member of the Gladius squad, can be used by the Sole Survivor.

Along the northern wall of the reception area is a doorway to the left and a hole in the wall to the right. The doorway leads to the stairs up to the roof exit, and the hole in the wall opens into a small room with a couch against the opposite wall. After the Brotherhood of Steel's reinforcements arrive, this room will be converted into a barracks, with two beds as well as a chemistry station where the couch was originally placed.

The southern door out of the reception area leads to the office area. To the east past a set of file cabinets are two small rooms: a restroom to the left, and the police chief's office to the right. The chief's office contains a desk with the Advanced-locked recon data terminal (after the Brotherhood reinforcements arrive) and an Expert-locked safe near a bank of file cabinets.

Through the western door of the office area is a corridor, with the lockup containing three cells and a storage closet at the northern end; a lockup terminal appears here after the Brotherhood reinforcements arrive. The other two rooms to the west along the corridor are the interrogation room and the evidence room, the latter containing the Novice-locked evidence terminal. Beyond the door at the south end of the corridor is the stairwell down to the motor pool exit.

Motor pool

Inside the motor pool, a power armor station is against the western wall. On the southern wall is a set of shelves and cabinets, with a weapons workbench appearing after the Brotherhood reinforcements arrive. The button to open the motor pool door is to the left of the door itself. A cooking station will appear just outside the motor pool after the Brotherhood reinforcements arrive.


Upon leaving the building via the roof exit, there is a fence directly ahead. Moving slightly to the right and following the fence will lead to a short set of steps down to the helipad, which will be occupied by a vertibird after the Brotherhood's main forces arrive in the Commonwealth.

Returning to the exit door and facing east, one can see the satellite post with a Brotherhood flag attached and a small collapsed outbuilding to its north. Passing between the exit door and the collapsed outbuilding, one can see another nearby rooftop to the north with a fire escape installed on the opposite end. Jumping to this rooftop will allow access to the fire escape and a return to ground level.

Notable loot

  • Scribe Haylen's personal log holotape - Available before the Prydwen arrives and Call to Arms has been completed, i.e. before the arrival of Brotherhood reinforcements. On a small round table to the right through the hole in the northern wall of the reception area.
  • Operation Winter's End holotape - In the evidence room, on the metal shelves closest to the file cabinets.
  • Cambridge Police Station key - Taken from Paladin Danse's corpse, if the player character kills him before entering the station after the initial fight with the ghouls.
  • BOS hood - Worn by Paladin Danse.
  • Guns and Bullets issue #8 - Appears only after the Prydwen arrives and Call to Arms has been completed, resulting in the arrival of Brotherhood reinforcements. The magazine will be inside the Expert-locked safe in the chief's office. If the player character had looted this safe before the Brotherhood reinforcements arrived, the safe will be locked and filled again after their arrival as though it had never been looted. One can also hack the Advanced-locked recon data terminal on the desk in the same room to unlock the safe.
  • Mini nuke - Appears only after the Prydwen arrives and Call to Arms has been completed, resulting in the arrival of Brotherhood reinforcements. The mini nuke will be on the roof, on top of a silver crate on the west side of the helipad.
  • Cambridge Police Station safe key - Taken from Scribe Haylen's corpse, during Precipice of War.

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  • It is possible to access the interior of the police station prior to completing the "Assist the Soldiers" segment of Fire Support by ordering a companion to "Inspect" the garage door button while viewing it through the broken window on the southern wall of the garage.
  • Danse explains that the police station was chosen as an outpost because Scribe Haylen detected "disturbing energy readings" in the area, which are short-lived and on a frequency indicating a high level of technology. Given the station's proximity to the C.I.T. ruins, the signals in question are likely the teleportation of synths in and out of the Institute's underground facility.
  • When at this location, companions make comments.[clarification needed]
Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "Brotherhood of Steel, eh? These blokes pack some serious firepower."
Codsworth "Someone sure was thorough when it came to proper defenses."
Curie "Look at their technology. Can we talk to them?"
Danse ""
Deacon "A Brotherhood of Steel base is up ahead. At the police station."
John Hancock "Hey. Hold up. We got company."
Nick Valentine "Let's hope they don't mistake us for Ghouls."
Piper Wright "These weren't here... wait, are those Brotherhood markings?"
Preston Garvey "We don't want to mess with these guys."
Robert MacCready "Oh great, the Brotherhood of Steel. As if the day couldn't get any better."
X6-88 "I advice that we not engage the Brotherhood here."


The Cambridge Police Station only appears in Fallout 4.