Calverton is a small abandoned town with a chapel southwest of Jury Street Metro station. It is, however, not marked on the world map.



The church is easily spotted from the southwest. To the right of the church is a small graveyard fenced off by a broken white picket fence. In the church entrance is a trip wire, which triggers a shotgun trap, and in the back is a grenade trap triggered by a pressure plate. There is also a podium, some barrels, and a few beds. There is a captive to the left of the bed.

Surrounding areaEdit

The town consists of three buildings: a diner, Gold Ribbon Grocers, and after Broken Steel is installed, Hank's Electrical Supply.

Notable lootEdit



Random encountersEdit

One of at least three encounters will happen here:

  • Super mutants will be holding a wastelander hostage, who can be saved for a small boost in karma.
  • A wastelander being chased by a raider with a flamer. The wastelander cannot be saved as his death is a scripted event.
  • Raiders with lead pipes will attack the Lone Wanderer, in addition to the raider with the flamer.


  • To the north is the super mutant camp mentioned in the search party log.
  • Enclave soldiers and an officer may be encountered here if the quest The Waters of Life has been completed.
  • South of the chapel is a very hard locked safe, a trunk and an unowned, usable bed.


Calverton appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

Calverton exists as a real town in both Virginia and Maryland, but due to the condensed location format of the game map, it is not possible to tell if the game designers were trying specifically to reference either.


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