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Caltrops are a trap in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


A small four pronged metal spike that when placed will always stand up. Due to its small size, it will not cause major damage, but has a chance to stagger whomever steps on the spike. A poisoned variety exists adding additional poison damage upon strike.


Steel (5)
Icon range
Icon level
Caltrops (1)




  • The poisoned variety uses the same components, but requires Chemist rank 1 to utilize.
  • When thrown, each caltrop (5 total) can be targeted in VATS individually, allowing you to stack your critical meter as well as queue up the three [caltrops] required for Gun Fu's free critical strike bonus to come into effect on your next VATS target(s).
  • When thrown, it is possible that the caltrop might change its position when the map is respawned. This may result in trader caravans accidentally stepping on them and turning hostile.


When dropped from the player character's inventory, then hit with a bat, the caltrop might actually explode like a mine.[platforms tag needed][verification overdue]

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