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Calmex is a pre-War light tranquilizer. While it doesn't work as a pain killer when administered, it carries a high enough dosage to cause a boost to some survival senses that are ordinarily dulled by reasoning.



Fo4 Med-X
Gameplay articles: Fallout 4, Fallout 76

The standard variant. When used it boosts the user's Agility and Perception by 3, while also increasing sneak attack damage.

Calmex SilkEdit

Fo4 Med-X
Gameplay article: Nuka-World

A variant of Calmex produced by Maddox in the Nuka-Town market from bloodworm meat. While it is identical in appearance to standard Calmex, it boosts the user's Luck by 3 in addition to its usual effects.

Canonbox defaultThe following is based on content from Fallout: The Board Game and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Calmex (Fallout: The Board Game)Edit

FBG calmex
Gameplay article: Fallout: The Board Game

Due to how gameplay works in Fallout: The Board Game, Calmex has different effects and usage than in other games. Rather than boosting multiple SPECIAL stats and sneak attack damage, Calmex can be used during a fight or test to automatically gain either one point of agility or perception. After this, the player character must pass an endurance check or gain the addicted trait.

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