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And I suppose he chose you to go outside because he knew that you were under his thumb! He really just doesn't want to give up his control over us.Theresa to the Vault Dweller

Calm rebel faction is a side quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Calm rebel faction
Enter Vault 13, and talk to any citizen who is upset.
Discover the time and place of the rebel faction's meeting.
Convince Theresa to stay in the Vault.
Reward: 750 XP

Detailed walkthrough

Upon returning to Vault 13, the Vault Dweller will discover many upset citizens. Interacting with any of the upset vault dwellers on level 2 and mentioning that the quest is not going well will spur them to mention that there is a movement to leave the vault. They will then tell the Vault Dweller that the faction's meetings take place at 17:00 in Theresa's room.

Theresa can be confronted at any time. Convincing her to remain in the vault requires an Intelligence of 6 and a Speech challenge, and there is only one chance to do so.



  • If Theresa isn't convinced to stay, the rebel faction will disappear from the vault within one hundred days.
  • The quest can only be started if one has not already retrieved the water chip.