Call to Arms is a Brotherhood of Steel main quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Brotherhood of Steel main quest: Call to Arms
Speak to Paladin Danse.
Follow Paladin Danse to ArcJet Systems.
Follow Paladin Danse inside ArcJet Systems.
Speak to Paladin Danse.
Follow Paladin Danse.
Find a way to open the door.
Provide fire support for Paladin Danse.
Follow Paladin Danse to the ArcJet engine core room.
Restore auxiliary power to engine core.
Defeat the ambush.
(Optional) Activate the engine core's rocket.
Clear the control room.
Retrieve the deep range transmitter.
Exit ArcJet systems.
Speak to Paladin Danse.
Reward: 350+ XP
50 bottlecaps
Righteous Authority
Brotherhood of Steel membership
Leads to: Semper Invicta

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Paladin Danse asks the Sole Survivor to follow him to ArcJet Systems where he hopes to get his hands on a deep range transmitter to repair the Brotherhood of Steel communications array.

Once one has agreed to assist Danse, he will order Scribe Haylen and Knight Rhys back into the police station. Follow them into the police station, where Danse offers the option to "resupply yourself" i.e. grab everything good in sight. After optionally talking to Scribe Haylen or Knight Rhys, tell Danse that you're ready to head out.

Follow Paladin Danse west to the abandoned ArcJet Systems building. Alternatively you can simply meet Danse at ArcJet Systems, but by doing so scripted encounters will likely be missed along the way, and along with them the opportunity for loot and XP. As Danse first reaches the river shore road, one will find a pile of ghoul and raider bodies which was not there before, along with two active frag mines. Then, a group of raiders will be found ambushing some traders under the railroad bridge: after the fireworks are over, the pack brahmin in particular usually contains excellent loot. Note that these bodies will all despawn as soon as the area is left, so the only chance to obtain this loot is during the trip to ArcJet. Further along, the Survivor may be attacked by various local dogs and insects before finally reaching the ArcJet building.

After a chat about the transmitter and automated security, provide fire support for the Paladin. He is dismayed to discover the presence of Institute synths. Head into the lab analysis room.

Here you have the option to: Hack (Advanced) into the lab control terminal or use the lab analyst's terminal to receive the lab control terminal password.

Use the lab control terminal to open the door, and the two of you will now begin fighting a way through numerous synths. When you reach the second floor corridor just outside the CEO's office, you can fight through the turret-lined hallway with Paladin Danse, or head into the server room nearby and use the terminal to disable them. Follow Paladin Danse to the elevator leading down to the ArcJet engine core.

Paladin Danse and you need to reach the top of the engine core in ArcJet Systems, but first you will have to search for a way to restore power to the access elevator. You can access the facilities terminal (Novice) and hack it. Start the auxiliary generators before returning to help Paladin Danse with his synth problem.

Alternatively you can press the Engine Start button on the Engine Core panel and watch the synths fry, noting that waiting longer before frying the synths will result in a higher body count for subsequent looting. Check on Paladin Danse, who will prove stunned but unhurt by the rocket blast, and then head to the elevator and ascend.

Battle to the control room and secure the Deep Range Transmitter off the corpse of a synth then leave the facility via the control room elevator. Outside, Danse will reward you with Righteous Authority and offer you the chance to join the Brotherhood. Whether you join or not at this time, he will subsequently be found back at the Cambridge Police Station, where additional quests can be obtained from him, Haylen, and Rhys if you do choose to join.

Companion reactionsEdit

Refuse to formally join the Brotherhood of Steel when offered by DanseLikeNeutralDislikeNeutralLoveLikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLoveNeutralLove
Agree to formally join the Brotherhood of Steel when offered by DanseDislikeLoveLikeNeutralHateDislikeDislikeDislikeDislikeHateDislikeHateNeutralHate
Reply uncertainly to the formal offer of joining the Brotherhood of SteelNeutralNeutralDislikeNeutralDislikeNeutralNeutralNeutralNeutralDislikeNeutralNeutralNeutralNeutral

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Speak to Paladin DansePaladin Danse has asked me to follow him to ArcJet Systems where we hope to get our hands on a Deep Range Transmitter to repair the Brotherhood of Steel communications array.
20 Follow Paladin Danse
30 Arrive at ArcJet - Get insidePaladin Danse and I have arrived outside of ArcJet Systems. We should proceed inside to recover the Deep Range Transmitter.
90 Found synth evidenceWhile exploring ArcJet Systems, Paladin Danse and I were dismayed to discover the presence of Institute Synths. We'll have to proceed with caution.
140 Door opened, trigger synth ambush
200 Locate DRT
250 Restore Auxilary Power to LabPaladin Danse and I need to reach the top of the Engine Core in ArcJet Systems. I'll have to search for a way to restore power to the access elevator.
265 (Optional) Activate the engine core's rocket
270 (Optional) Assess Paladin Danse's condition
290 Clear the control room
310 Retrieve the deep range transmitter
320 Exit ArcJet SystemsI've found the Deep Range Transmitter. It's time for Paladin Danse and I to leave ArcJet Systems.
360 Speak to Paladin Danse
455Icon checkQuest complete - Waiting/RefusedPaladin Danse has asked me to join the Brotherhood of Steel, but I've refused.
555Icon checkQuest complete - JoinedI've accepted Paladin Danse's offer to join the Brotherhood of Steel.
655Icon crossQuest failed


  • It is possible to skip the entire first interior section of the ArcJet investigation by using a glitch to go immediately to the Engine Core. As soon as you enter the first hallway, you will notice a collapsed ceiling that appears to have blocked off the hallway to the left. You can actually jump through the small gap, continue around the corner and down the stairs to the right, and you will find yourself at the Engine Core door. This is a good way to save a lot of ammo and time if you don't feel like fighting a lot of synths. The quest continues normally.
  • Another terminal can be found to the left of the locked terminal with the password inside if the player does not have the ability to hack advanced terminals.
  • Copy of Tesla Magazine can be found upstairs next to the CEO's terminal.
  • In the arc section, there is a segment of stair only accessible by falling from the top floor. Walking in triggers two synths to spawn. One will always use melee and the other will have an Institute rifle or pistol There is also a locked terminal which requires the ability to hack master level terminals and a Fat Man. (This section can also be reached by climbing onto the railing to the left of the doorway, and taking a running leap to the left.)
  • In the maintenance wing off of the arc room, there is a Junk Jet on top of the table in the lighted room, across the room from the engine core panel. There is also a holotape, describing the Junk Jet, on the same table.
  • There is an expert safe near the beginning of ArcJet that has a nearby terminal for unlocking it. You can unlock the safe with lockpicking, use the terminal to re-lock it, and continue this experience loop as long as you like.
  • After you restore auxiliary power to the engine core you can hold off indefinitely helping Danse with the synths. As Danse is an essential character, the bodies will pile up allowing you to pocket a lot of fusion cells and Institute pistols. If left long enough fps may take a hit in that room but if you activate the engines many of the bodies will be reduced to ash piles solving this. Saving and reloading after activating the engines may cause the loot in these ash piles to be inaccessible so be sure to collect it all before moving on.
  • If you have already completed Institutionalized and have not alienated the Institute, most of the synths will be non-hostile, only ever attacking Danse as you travel through the factory. The one exception is the first group that ambushes the player, which will always be hostile.
  • The quest can be started without Danse by entering the Engine Core, starting with the 'proceed to the control room' stage.
  • Deactivating the turrets before Danse destroys them all will make him just stand around. To solve this, either reactivate them so Danse destroys them to proceed ; Destroy them while they are deactivated or simply continue to follow the objective and once you're past this hallway, Danse will resume on his path.
  • Beginning The Nuclear Option with the Minutemen while still non-hostile to the Brotherhood of Steel will cause this quest to fail and Danse to become nonresponsive.


  • PCIcon pc After Paladin Danse notes that there are turrets up ahead, he might turn around and head back in the direction you came, eventually coming to a stop and not moving at all. To get the quest to progress, destroy the turrets, and Danse will resume heading in the direction he is supposed to. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc When Paladin Danse reaches Arcjet Systems, before entering he may run back to the Police Station. Once there he will stand in front of it and will not talk. However if you continue the quest normally (albeit without danse), he will teleport to you at the end and the quest can be finished as normal.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc If this quest is not completed before Reunions and the Prydwen shows up, it will trigger a glitch that not all Brotherhood Vertibirds and patrols will spawn correctly. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc After you finish the quest and head into the service elevator, the elevator door might not open, leaving you stuck in there. [verified]
    • PCIcon pc This can be fixed with the console command CompleteQuest 001a7bd2. Note that this may cause excessive lag afterwards, in which case, use the console command pcB.
  • PCIcon pc When trying to leave ArcJet through the elevator, you might get a CTD. Reloading a save doesn't help and you are stuck here. To get out, use console command coc ArcJetSystemsExt02. Once out, enter in the bunker and go to open the elevator doors, just like if you get out of it. Paladin Danse will pop and the quest will continue normally.
  • PCIcon pc The terminal found in the room with the Fat Man is mislabeled as an Expert level hack, when in reality it is a Master level. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc If the Brotherhood has been destroyed, the quest will be impossible to complete, as you will not be able finish the quest by speaking to Danse. This can be fixed with CompleteQuest 0006f5c1.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc The majority of the Arcjet Systems interior is supposed to be inaccessible unless the player is currently on this quest and accompanied by Paladin Danse. However, it is possible to accidentally glitch through doors/walls/floors of the public entrance hall into the quest-specific area. Exploring this area can cause the quest to get started and accelerated to a later stage without being properly set up. As a consequence, Paladin Danse and the player's companion can get permanently stuck in the rocket test chamber control room. If this happens, any companion the player recruits from then on will automatically run to Arcjet Systems and stay in the test chamber until they are dismissed.
    • PCIcon pc This can be fixed with the console command StopQuest DN017_Overrides (or StopQuest 1D7FD), which will remove the override-priority AI package from Danse, the current companion, and/or Dogmeat.