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The calibrated beta wave tuner is a weapon mod for the Enclave plasma gun and plasma gun in Fallout 76.


When applied to a plasma gun or Enclave plasma gun, it adds burning damage, as well as increasing critical shot damage.

Learn chance

Weapon Plans Learn chance
Enclave plasma gun Unlearnable N/A
Plasma gun Plan: Plasma gun calibrated beta wave tuner


Weapon modifications will modify an existing weapon, and any modifications previously equipped on the weapon will be destroyed, not unequipped. Loose mods cannot be crafted. For modifications unlocked through scrapping, the corresponding weapon must be scrapped in order to learn how to craft it.

Plasma gun
Screw (4)
Steel (7)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Calibrated beta wave tuner (1)

ID table

Weapon OMOD editor ID OMOD ID MISC editor ID MISC ID
Enclave plasma gun mod_Enclave_PlasmaGun_Receiver_Burning-CritDMG 0018C706 miscmod_mod_Enclave_PlasmaGun_Receiver_Burning-CritDMG 003293E9
Plasma gun mod_PlasmaGun_Receiver_Burning-CritDMG 0018C46D miscmod_mod_PlasmaGun_Receiver_Burning-CritDMG 00329422