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This is a transcript for dialogue with Caleb Fisher.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
74 0056F789 0059F144 Is it daytime out there? You can lose track of time down here.
75 0059F145 So much work to do. And do I get any thanks? Well, I do. But I could use more.
76 0059F146 Hey. It's you. Wow... Is it true you fight Deathclaws... by yourself? That's bullshit, right?
84 005834BE 005853C8 Yay, I knew you'd be back! Bunnabun wanted me to tell you he missed you.
86 0058599D Lou chewed me out real good over letting you know where he was.
93 0059F177 Nice to meet you and all that. See, some of us have manners.
94 0059F178 As long as you're not buttering me up to do something for you - hi.
95 0059F179 I got some work to do, but I got time.
106 00583D7F 00583D9E You're just full of life lessons, ain't ya? Next time you wanna talk, maybe I can lie down on a couch while you take some notes.
280 00590A6E 00590A88 When I fell in with Lev's crew before we met Meg, I could finally see how the faith I had was a hindrance to my own survival.
281 Sometimes I think Lev even gets it right more than Meg. Meg has heart which can be a risk. Lev won't think twice about taking someone out.
282 I've often sided with Meg whenever Lev gets that itch because of my friendship, if you can call it that, with Lou.
283 Lou needs a leader like Meg. With Lev, he wouldn't last a month just because he's a ghoul.
284 00590A6F 00590A84 I believe Faith is a weakness in this world. If you really want to survive, there's no room for turning the other cheek.
285 I no longer believe in the God I was raised to worship. I put my faith in hard work and my loyalty in those that have proven themselves.
286 It's just the mannerisms I can't seem to shake.
287 00590A71 00590A80 After the war, my faith... wavered. Anyone could understand that. But to some in my community, it vindicated them.
288 They believed their survival meant they walked the true path.
289 I couldn't be among that mind set, so I used Rumspringa as my chance to leave.
290 00590A73 00590A86 Faith is merely a tool that has many uses. When used incorrectly, it blinds people from the truth.
291 It can lead even the most righteous down the darkest of paths.
292 00590A75 00590A83 For some, it's all they need. They just have to be smart about it.
293 Prayer won't put food on your table or heal your wounds... it can only give you strength from within.
294 00590A77 00590A7F I guess I ought to get back to work. At least I can distract myself with the endless amount of improvements and repairs that need to get done.
295 00590A78 00590A85 Once upon a time. I was born and raised Amish.
296 It's hard to shake what you're brought up to believe since birth, no matter how bad this world turns.
297 00590A7A 00590A81 I pray you're right because I do value his friendship. He just... makes it so hard.
298 00590A7C 00590A87 Did I? You'd think I brought Hell itself down on that man. I only ever look out for him.
299 00590A7E 00590A82 He's got a real anger streak in him, sometimes. You'd think after everything we'd been through, he could learn a thing or two about forgiveness.
300 It may be he takes things out on me because he thinks I'll always be here for him.
301 But we both know with his longevity that won't always be the case, God help him.
333 0059F131 0059F170 Meg's old Diehards, though, don't expect any Ps and Qs from them, though.
334 But it takes all sorts.
335 0059F132 0059F16F What don't I do? As all the layabouts and chem fiends do their thing, seems like it's up to me to fix everything.
336 Not that I'm complaining, but... it gets old sometimes, you know?
337 0059F133 0059F166 It's a tough world out there, and you need someone tough to see you through it. Meg's alright, I guess.
338 I was with Lev's crew before we joined her. Meg gets all the credit, but the whole place would fall apart if not for Lev, Lou, and certain others.
339 0059F134 0059F16D Just some old gang around these parts. I hear they were lost to the Scorched plague.
340 Only the ones who followed Meg made it out alive. She had the sense to leave before the worst of it, so she gets a lot of respect from her people.
341 0059F135 0059F164 Sure. Whatever you say.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
19 0040D28E 0055553B Sorry for trying to hide information from you. It felt like the right thing to do at the time. Some remorse.
20 0055553C I hope it isn't too late to reach Lou. I am not sure what he plans to do, but it can't be good.
21 0055553D It would be best if you would, perhaps, not tell anyone what we've been speaking about.
22 0055553E I feel bad about misleading you. Once you bring Lou back, I hope bygones will be bygones. Some remorse for having deliberately misled the player.
23 00555540 I uh... hope you find Lou. Hiding the fact that he knows Lou isn't there.
24 00555541 It's possible Lou may not be there, but uh... someone there will surely know where he is. Hiding the fact that he knows Lou isn't there.
25 00555542 Could you uh... move along please. I have important work to do. Nervous because he knows he is misleading the player.
198 0040D32B 0040D3E4 If I'm wrong about this, then I fear we're all out of luck, and I'll deserve whatever comes to me.
199 0040D32D 0040D420 Me too. It would be a shame is this were all for naught. Good luck and Godspeed.
200 0040D32F 0040D3C8 Good luck. And uh... I hope Lou's okay when you find him.
201 0040D331 0040D409 Since my tracker buddy went off alone, I rigged up a tracking beacon I could use to find her.
202 Just in case she ran into trouble and uh... wasn't able to make it back.
203 I don't think that's the case here, but fair warning, this might lead you to a dead end, in which case, I'm sorry.
204 You can use your Pip-Boy to track the beacon's radio signal. The closer you are, the more it will ping.
205 It should get you to where you need to be.
206 0040D332 0040D447 I'm not going to give you anything else. Now can we move on? He's had it with making deals with the player.
207 0040D448 Tell you what. Here's a stimpak. It'll help with any bumps or bruises you incurred as a result of my diversion.
208 It won't, however, help your hurt feelings. You're just going to have to stop whining and get over it. He's kind of clapping back here.
209 Now, if you're finished, let's move on. Losing some patience with the player.
210 0040D334 0040D42D Very well.
212 0040D33A 0040D460 I lied to you, you hacked into my Terminal. I'd say we're about even in terms of honesty here. Sincere, and firm.
213 0040D461 I suppose I have given you reason not to believe me. Sincere.
214 However, I had every opportunity to cut and run before you came back, knowing full well you could be seeking revenge. Yet, here I am. Sincere.
216 0040D346 0040D438 Just the location. I'll mark it on your map. Godspeed, sir. Relieved he got the player to go away.
217 0040D439 Just the location. I'll mark it on your map. Godspeed, ma'am. Relieved he got the player to go away.
218 0040D34A 0040D3C5 Sure, and I'll ask again, what brings you here?
219 0040D34C 0040D406 To be honest, I don't know. He came to see me before he left.
220 0040D34E 0040D444 Indeed. No lies. Just last month, a Deathclaw set upon his raiding party.
221 This thing rips through every one of 'em, but when it gets to Lou, it takes a sniff at him and goes on its merry way.
222 Maybe it didn't like the smell of ghoul? Or maybe it's something else.
223 Whatever the case, the man's lucky to be alive.
224 0040D350 0040D3ED In fact, if I were still a religious man, I would say God watches over him and has special plans for Lou here on this Earth.
225 Lou's one of the luckiest men alive. He's over ninety-five years old and still fit as a fiddle, sharp as a tack.
226 I've witnessed over a dozen times where something should have rightly killed any normal man, but not Lou.
227 0040D351 0040D428 I could, but I doubt Lou will be very happy to see me now. He's regretful here. He feels bad for betraying his friend, but he knows it's because he cares about him.
228 He made it clear he didn't want anyone following him, and now he probably knows I've been tracking him.
229 And uh, you're the one who needs him, right? This arrangement will work out for everyone. This is his way of weaseling out of having to deal with this responsibility.
230 0040D357 0040D45A Not exactly, but I did send out a friend of mine to go find him, just before you showed up. She's a tracker. Best I've ever known.
231 Unfortunately, she hasn't come back yet. Might be she's having trouble getting Lou to see eye to eye.
232 My friend's not the best conversationalist, and Lou's stubborn. Maybe you can go and mediate. Talk some sense into old Lou?
233 0040D35B 0040D434 I was busy working and only half-listening, but I think he said something about feeling like a burden.
234 He's never been a burden on anyone. He keeps to himself and does more than his fair share of work.
235 0040D35C 0040D3DE Not really. But there was something he said before he ran off that had me concerned.
236 0040D35E 0040D441 He's always a little surly. It's possible it's on account of his condition. But, he's had years to adjust.
237 Sure, some of the others don't like the way he looks, but they still respect him.
238 I say, I don't know a soul who wouldn't take a bullet for Lou. Not that he needs it. Every curse somehow turns into a blessing for him.
239 0040D360 0040D3EB Nothing I'm aware of. Nothing truly bad ever seems to happen to him.
240 0040D362 0040D427 But, it's not what you think. I had to do it. I promised Lou I would try to throw people off his trail if they came looking for him. He feels bad about this.
241 I was hoping he'd come to his senses, return by now, and this wouldn't be necessary.
242 Truth is, I'm worried. When he left, he was more glum than usual, like something was weighing heavy on his mind.
244 0040D365 0040D40F Uh... Well... yes. I do. There's a... lookout camp over yonder, on the other side of the Valley where he likes to go and, uh, clear his head. He's hiding something and trying not to be too obvious about it
245 You'll likely find him there.
246 0040D3AD 0040D3C3 I suppose you haven't seen Lou yet? With all respect, Lou's not easy to look at.
247 When the radiation flooded Pittsburgh, it left him changed. Skin melted off, but still alive. Still more or less human.
248 I get the impression he wasn't very sociable to begin with, and that just made it worse.
249 He gets anxious around people, and people get anxious around him. But, everyone knows he's useful around here, so he lives tucked away. It works.
250 0040D3AF 0040D41D Hmm. Oh, I don't know. Couple of days maybe? Big pause after "hmm." He's thinking whether he wants to tell the truth or not, and settles on something believable.
251 He mostly keeps to himself, so there are times where I don't see him for weeks despite us all living so close together.
252 0040D3B1 0040D3E1 Lou? Uh, well, he's a good guy. We both fell in with this lot around the same time, so he and I have a bit of a kinship.
253 Not many are accepting of Lou, since he's one of those ghouls, but unlike the ferals, he's still got his brain in working order.
254 He's not afraid to put in a day's honest work. He's a great craftsman.
255 And, on top of that, he has skill with explosives, for whenever that's handy, and it comes in handy more often than you'd think.
256 0040D3B3 0040D437 Well, that sort of friendly optimism may have worked in the vaults, but here with us, it's just as likely to get you killed.
257 At the very least, it pegs you as a neophyte, and people around here take advantage of that naivete.
258 0040D3B5 0040D3FA Questions? Oh. sure. What uh... what sort of questions? Surprised and nervous.
259 0040D3B7 0040D45D Oh. Heh. That was funny, yeah. But really, what can I do for you? He doesn't really find this funny, but he's trying to be polite.
260 0040D3B9 0040D3DD Lou, eh? He... I uh... didn't know he was gone. Maybe he was just tired of being cooped up in that hole of his and went for some fresh air? He's definitely nervous now, because he knows where Lou is and promised he wouldn't go after him.
261 0040D3BB 0040D433 I seen you talking with Meg and poking around. What brings you to me? Friendly, a hint of nervousness. He's hiding something and wary of the player, but doesn't want to show it.
263 0040D3BE 0040D3D0 Good luck. I'm sure he's fine. Hiding something, but relieved that the player has stopped questioning him for now.
264 0040D3FC Did you go into my lab and hack into my Terminal? That was private! I knew you were nothing but trouble! I should shoot you right where you stand. Fisher is stern and upset.
267 0040D463 Okay, okay. You got me. I confess, I intentionally misled you. He's been caught. He feels bad about it.
268 0040D464 Well, here's the thing about that... I... haven't been completely honest with you. He feels bad about lying to the player and comes clean on his own.
269 0040D465 Back again. Still uh... haven't seen Lou, if that's what you're here for. A little nervous.
270 0040D466 Oh, right, pardon me. The player expected Fisher to tell them where Lou went, but Fisher got so caught up in talking about his Tracker, that he forgot to tell them.
276 0040D3BF 0040D470 You're the new guy, aren't you? Wary of the player. Cautious. Trying not to raise suspicion.
278 0040D472 You're the new gal, aren't you? Wary of the player. Cautious. Trying not to raise suspicion.
285 0058F91F You caught me in a lie. Now what? He know's he's been caught, but he's more concerned about moving forward now, not dwelling on it.
286 0058F920 Are you ready to move on now? He know's he's been caught, but he's more concerned about moving forward now, not dwelling on it.
288 0040D569 0040D56B Did you... kill them? Oh dear. Oh no... That was not what I expected. Please forgive me. shocked. He did not expect the player to kill anyone because of his lie.
289 You're right, I was not honest with you.
290 0040D56A 0040D56D Oh, dear Lord. I did not think anything like that would happen. Oh no. Regretful. He did not anticipate the player having to kill anyone due to his lie.
291 The truth is, I did deceive you.
373 00555505 00555517 I don't know exactly. I've got a friend looking for him. Sent her out right before you came to me.
374 She's a great tracker, but she hasn't come back yet. Lou can be stubborn, so maybe she's having trouble convincing him to come back.
375 My friend has a difficult way with words, so I can see that being part of the problem. Maybe you can go help talk some sense into old Lou?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
301 0056FA01 0056FA22 I didn't want to do this, but you and Meg are forcing my hand! Shouting out to the player while in combat.
302 0056FA23 I ain't had this much fun in... shit, how long's it been? Now stay still so I can shoot ya better! Shouting out to the player while in combat.
303 0056FA02 0056FA28 It'll take more than that to get through this armor! He's wearing Power Armor, so when the player attacked him, he barely felt it.
304 0056FA29 Agh! Lucky shot!
305 0056FA2A I can take this all day! He's wearing Power Armor, so he barely felt it when the player hit him.
306 0056FA2B I'm fine, it sounded worse than it is! He's wearing Power Armor, so he barely felt it when the player hit him.
312 0056FA03 0056FA15 I hope you realize why I have to do this, friend. Meg was going to lead us to ruin! Shouting to the player, probably over the sounds of gunfire.
313 0056FA04 0056FA19 Lev gave us orders to kill anyone coming here from Crater. That includes you! Shouting to the player, who is intruding on their base.
314 0056FA1A Shoulda stayed outta this, newbie! Now I gotta kill you! Shouting to the player, who is intruding on their base.
315 0056FA06 0056FA0C Someone's there. Keep your eyes peeled. Shouting to alert allies. They've detected the player.
316 0056FA07 0056FA1E It's the new guy! Meg sent the new guy after us! Don't worry Lev, we'll take care of him! Shouting this to his allies.
317 0056FA1F It's the new gal! Meg sent the new gal after us! Don't worry Lev, we'll take care of her! Shouting this to his allies.
318 0056FA20 Oh, I'll try not to make a hole in your face, so Meg can see just who we're sending back to her! Shouting down to the player from her sniper perch up above.


(Apologies to Lou)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
9 0056F9F5 0056FA0E Well I uh... hope your luck holds out and you survive long enough to hear that I'm sorry for all this. He really does regret what he did to Lou.
10 0056F9F6 0056FA0D And it was too late for me to reach you, because you were already involved. I couldn't risk the operation if you said anything to Meg.
11 0056F9F7 0056FA17 When Meg decided to go on this foolish gold hunt with that vault dweller from seventy-six, it was time to act. She was going to lead us all to ruin.
12 0056F9F8 0056FA0B He always intended to take over one day, but she kept bringing on new people, building loyalty, making it more difficult for him to mutiny.
13 0056F9F9 0056FA16 But you have to understand, I had no other choice. Meg is a terrible leader. I questioned why Lev would ever join her.
14 0056F9FA 0056FA0A I know I had once called you friend. It may not mean much, but I am genuinely sorry for what I had to do to you.
15 0056F9FB 0056FA13 Hey Lou. Not sure you'll ever get this, but I needed to get something off my chest. He regrets betraying Lou.