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This is a transcript for dialogue with Caleb Smith.


GREETING GREETING Anger 50 Not now. We can talk after the Slaver attack. 1
GREETING Disgust 50 Don't you be stopping here, mister. You got to talk to Hannibal first. 2
GREETING Disgust 50 Don't you be stopping here, lady. You got to talk to Hannibal first. 3
GREETING Fear 50 We've got to get those Slavers cleared out of the Memorial. 4
Neutral 50 I'm sure Hannibal is cooking up a plan. 5
GREETING Happy 50 This is a glorious day. We will rebuild Lincoln's Memorial. I hope I can reattach his head. 6
Neutral 50 I'm sure Hannibal is cooking up a plan. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 You're new. I'm Caleb. If you're going to be staying a while, I could use some help. 8
GREETING Surprise 50 You have a picture! And such a large one, too. 9
Happy 50 I'll have no problems restoring the Memorial with this. Thank you! 10
GREETING Neutral 50 Make it quick. I've got a lot of work to do. 11
GREETING Happy 50 Thanks to you, we're rebuilding the Memorial. 12
MS06CalebsNeeds Hannibal says you need something? Surprise 50 Hannibal told you about Lincoln's Memorial? 13
Happy 50 Well, he doesn't just want to live there. He also wants to restore it. Make it so people tell stories about it and the word can get to the slaves. 14
Sad 50 But I can't restore something if I don't know what it looked like. I need a drawing or photograph of it. 15
MS06GetPicture Where the hell am I supposed to get a picture of the Memorial? Fear 50 Our ancestors honored Lincoln's life with a display in the Museum of History. I'm hoping that a picture of the Memorial still survives in there. 16
MS06HamlinInfo I'm supposed to promise to keep this place safe. Why should I? Sad 50 Somebody's got to look out for those that can't look out for themselves. 17
Surprise 50 That's all Hannibal is trying to do. He's looking out for all those runaway slaves. 18
What's the story with Hannibal? Happy 50 He's got big plans. 19
Surprise 50 Someday we're going to leave this place and make our own town. 20
Fear 50 I hope I get to help build it. 21
MS06LincolnsHead What is that stone head? Neutral 50 The stone head is from the statue of Abraham Lincoln. Hannibal wants me to reattach it to the statue in the Memorial. 22
MS06SlaveStory So, you used to be a slave? Surprise 50 Long time ago. Eight years I think. 23
Sad 50 Three of us escaped during the night. They caught Liesel and John. I made it into the wasteland. 24
Happy 50 Raiders took me in at first. When I heard about this place, I knew I had to come here. 25
MS06TempleUnion Why do you stay here? Why not keep running? Sad 50 We are the only hope for runaway slaves everywhere. 26
Disgust 50 Rivet City, and the Citadel can't be bothered with helping slaves. They turn a blind eye. 27
Neutral 50 We are the only ones willing to stand against Paradise Falls and slavery. 28
MS06WhatDoYouDo What do you do here? Happy 50 My former master trained me in masonry. I fix things. 29
Sad 50 Someday I hope to reattach Lincoln's head to the statue in the Memorial. 30
MS06YouKnowAPlace I'll bet you know where I can find one. Surprise 50 Yes. There might be one in the Museum of History. Alejandra says they have a special exhibit all about Lincoln. 31


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Okay. 32
I should let you get back to work. Goodbye. Neutral 50 I've got work to do. 33
I have to go now. Sad 50 When I get time. Maybe once or twice a week. I'll try to do better. 34
I have to go now. Neutral 50 I need more steel rods. At least as long as your arm. I'll take as many of them as you can find, and don't mind the rust. 35
I have to go now. Happy 50 Sure thing, Hannibal. 36
I have to go now. Happy 50 Thank you, Simone. I just wish the words were going as well. 37
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Go talk to Hannibal, stranger. 38
HELLO Happy 50 Thanks for the picture. It's given me a lot to do. 39
HELLO Fear 50 I've almost finished that book, Alejandra. Maybe you could tell me what it means tonight. By the fire. Together. Alone. 40
HELLO Disgust 50 Can we have something other than iguana tonight? Anything? 41
HELLO Sad 50 The head is done, but I'm still trying to fix the saying. I wish I had a better picture. 42
HELLO Surprise 50 I'd still like to learn how to shoot, Simone. Will you have time tomorrow? 43
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Four Score. I don't have time to play fetch today. Go bother Bill. 44
HELLO Happy 50 It's going to take a lot of work to repair the Memorial. Thanks to you, I'll get to do it. 45
MS06PackageStart MS06PackageStart Surprise 50 I'm tired. <yawn> Time for bed. 46
MS06PackageStart Fear 50 I'm starved. I hope there's enough today. 47
MS06PackageStart Happy 50 Well, that stone won't carve itself. 48