You must enter Caesar's tent alone. Anyone else must remain outside.— Unnamed praetorian guard outside the tent

Caesar's tent is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. It is centered roughly at the top of the mound the Fort is built on, and is the battle line home of Caesar.


Caesar's tent is in fact four tents facing into an open air throne room:

  • The entrance is a small area that acts like a checkpoint for the main room. In this area are 1-2 praetorian guard members and Legion mongrels.
  • To the left and right are a war room or command center for the Legion, containing several tables strewn with maps, clipboards, and books.
  • Caesar's throne room is the largest tent section and it is the central hub with more guards.
  • The fourth area is accessed by an opening behind the throne, and contains Caesar's bed, an Auto-Doc Mark III, and a locked footlocker (see notable loot section for details).

The tent always contains two Legion mongrels, four praetorian guards armed with ballistic fists, and Caesar himself. The other occupants depend on choices made by the Courier earlier in the game. Possible occupants include Lucius, Vulpes Inculta, and Benny (bound).

Notable lootEdit


If Caesar dies, his throne and bed become property of the Courier.


Caesar's tent appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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