Caesar's armor is a piece of armor in Fallout: New Vegas.


Caesar's personal armor, this set of armor is made up of a fur and red cloth tunic over a red sports jersey (numbered 10),[1] coinciding with the re-purposed football gear theme of Legion armor, and a pair of gray shorts held together with a leather weight lifting belt. To match, there are two bracers, tightened with rope, and a pair of caligaes made of red cloth. To complete the set, a golden wreath brooch is pinned to the fur tunic.

It provides a Damage Threshold of 5 as well as a bonus of +5 to Survival and +5 to Speech. It can be repaired with all Caesar's Legion armor variants.

This armor will disguise the Courier as a member of Caesar's Legion, making the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel and potentially others hostile to them, regardless of their current reputation with that faction.



Behind the scenes

The boots of Caesar's armor are red, alluding to his historical counterpart. As the ancient kings used to wear similar boots, rumors began to spread that Caesar planned to make himself king.


  • Icon pc.png Icon xbox360.png Wearing the armor may cause one's arms and legs to change in skin tone even after the armor is removed. [verified]


  1. As it appears on the base texture. Because of lazy mapping, one of the sleeves makes the numbering appear to be 01
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