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Caesar's Legion is a military dictatorship that controls the American Midwest. They depend heavily on the practice of slavery.


The Legion arose from the Grand Canyon area in 2238, when a man named Joshua Graham encountered two Followers of the Apocalypse and began to lead them around the outer north and east rim. One of the Followers would go on to become the original Caesar, with Joshua becoming his right-hand man.[Non-canon 1][Non-canon 2]

The Legion arose during the reign of the Twisted Hairs, a tribe of raiders so fierce that the mere mention of their name invoked fear. The tribe dominated the region, taking what they wanted from any tribe they pleased. Caesar and the other members of the early Legion taught the other tribes how to fight back, and the combined might of the tribal forces proved too much for the raiders to deal with. They were driven from the land, and the Legion gave chase. The Twisted Hairs would be destroyed, with most of their members being slain. The Legion ordered that no tribe give refuge to any members of the Twisted Hairs under threat of invasion.[Non-canon 5]

The Legion grew in strength until it became a major force in the Southwest, threatening the dominance of the New California Republic. After numerous clashes with the NCR Rangers and armed forces, the Republic decided to eradicate the Legion now rather than let it continue growing and potentially come to rival the NCR military.[Non-game 2] However, before they could invade, the Legion launched a surprise invasion of their own against the NCR position at Hoover Dam. The troops stationed there held, a crippling defeat for the Legion.[Non-canon 6] Caesar had the commander for the attack, his right hand man Joshua Graham, set ablaze and thrown into the Grand Canyon,[Non-canon 2] and led the remains of his Legion north to the Midwest.[Non-canon 7][Non-game 3]

After many years of regrowth and rebuilding, the Legion began reestablishing their presence in the Southwest. They trade slaves with people across the region, and even make a few military forays, though they are hindered by the seasonal radioactive dust storms that block travel between there and the Midwest.[Non-canon 8] A small group of legionaires travels to the Reservation once a month,[Non-canon 9] and another band is camped in Denver waiting to head back home.[Non-canon 10][Non-canon 11] They are always searching for new sources of slaves,[Non-canon 12] paying particularly high for super mutants.[Non-canon 13][Non-canon 14]


The Legion is led by an authoritarian ruler, who takes on the title of "Caesar." Leadership is passed down to whoever kills the current Caesar, with their level of respect dictated by the inventiveness of the kill. Whenever the leader is killed, they are erased from history.[Non-game 1] The Caesar is assisted by a right-hand man, who leads the Legion's armies. The faction is divided into different ranks, including vexillarious[Non-canon 15] and centurion.[Non-canon 12] Even standard legionnaires are better equipped than the average wastelander.[Non-canon 10]

Relations with the outside[]

The Legion considers most outsiders to be either primitives or assholes,[Non-canon 16] though they are willing to trade slaves with them for money[Non-canon 17] or supplies.[Non-canon 18] They are hated by most of the inhabitants of the Wasteland, even by other slavers who don't like the competition.[Non-game 4] However, some welcome their rise, hoping to gain favor with the Legion to benefit themselves.[Non-canon 19][Non-canon 20][Non-canon 21]

The Blackfoot tribe have been made a vassal of the Legion, being forced to provide them with slaves as a form of tribute starting between 2238 and 2241.[Non-canon 22][Non-canon 23] They are allowed to keep some for themselves,[Non-canon 24][Non-canon 25] even trading independently in competition with Legion slavers.[Non-canon 25][Non-canon 26] The Legion has installed a spy within their ranks, Sharptooth, who reports on the tribe's activities to the Legionnaires stationed in Denver. If the other members discover this, they will force Sharptooth and his family out of the tribe and into the wastes. [Non-canon 27] The Blackfoot leader, Bares His Teeth, considers himself the right-hand man to Caesar,[Non-canon 28] but most members of the tribe hate the Legion and their tributes and very much want to free themselves from their yoke.[Non-canon 29][Non-canon 30] If they stop enslaving people the tribute will be the death of the tribe,[Non-canon 31] but if they stop the Legion will invade.[Non-canon 32] Despite this, the Prisoner can further strengthen ties between the two groups.[Non-canon 33]

The Reservation began working regularly with the Legion in 2249,[Non-canon 34] using them as a source for the slaves they use in their born ghoul experiments.[Non-canon 12] Horatio is the main member of the Reservation that deals with the slavers, and bargains for them every time the slavers arrive.[Non-canon 35] [Non-canon 36] When the Prisoner arrives, the head of the slave traders is trying to scam Horatio, which can be foiled.[Non-canon 37]

When the Twisted Hairs were destroyed, a lone woman survived. She wandered to various tribes seeking refuge, but all turned her away under threat from the Legion. After wandering the desert, she collapsed, close to death, near the Nursery. She was nursed back to health by Diana Stone, and taught a lot regarding genetics. Eventually she left to form the Daughters of Hecate, dedicated to the sole purpose of wiping out Caesar's Legion.[Non-canon 5][Non-canon 38][Non-canon 39] If the Prisoner obtains an audience with her at her city of Ouroboros, she will request they wipe out groups of Legionnaires,[Non-canon 40] believing them to be spying on her and her Daughters.[Non-canon 41]

Two days before the Prisoner escaped Tibbets Prison, a force of roughly 50 to 60 legionnaires attacked the Iron Rivers tribe at Circle Junction to gather slaves.[Non-canon 42][Non-canon 43] This has happened several times in the past, though the tribe's leaders have no desire to fight back against them.[Non-canon 44]


Caesar's Legion was to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 project by Black Isle Studios, and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2. They also would have played a much more prominent role in the proposed sequel to Van Buren, Black Isle's Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Van Buren developers intended to focus on Caesar's Legion in the game, and the presence of Legion slavers in Denver was meant to hint at their inclusion in the sequel.[Non-canon 16] Much of the Legion content had actually been planned for Van Buren itself, but the team realized the project was too ambitious and pushed it to the sequel.[Non-game 3]
  • The Battle of Hoover Dam as it would have been described in Van Buren was very different in earlier drafts of the event. Rather than a failed Legion invasion, the battle was an NCR offensive, a surprise attack taking advantage of a "Saturnalia-style orgy" at the Legion camp. Members of the 4th Cavalry Division surrounded the camp, then moved in, killing dozens of the drunken slavers.[Non-game 4]



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