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The Cabot family is a prominent family in the Boston area in 2287.


The Cabots are part of the Boston upper class, descending from the first European colonists to arrive and settle in Boston in the 1600's. The family descends from John Cabot, who immigrated from the Isle of Jersey to Salem in 1700, and his son, Joseph Cabot, both of whom became successful merchants in the Thirteen Colonies. Joseph's son George went into politics and became a senator for Massachusetts, and George's great-grandson, Henry Cabot Lodge continued the trend by being elected senator as well.

After the Divergence, the most prominent member of the Cabot family was Lorenzo, an archaeologist that was maddened by an ancient artifact he unearthed in Ubar, an ancient city buried beneath the Rub' al Khali desert. The artifact fused to his nervous system and imbued supernatural powers upon him, but also made him increasingly irrational and violent. After a crime spree that would have carried a death sentence if not for the Cabot family's influence, the family erected Parsons State Insane Asylum to house Lorenzo in 1898.

In conducting experiments in order to remove the artifact, Lorenzo's son, Jack, was able to extract a mysterious serum that extended the lifespan of the entire family. Even though they were all born before the Great War, the family still lives on in the 2280s; Lorenzo still remains in the basement of the asylum, and Jack continues his research to free his father from the artifact's influence.

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