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This is my ancestral home. The Cabots have always lived here, since long before the Great War. If you're asking what we're still doing here, with Boston in its current sad state, well... that's a story for another time, perhaps.Jack Cabot

Cabot House is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.[1]


Located on Louisburg Square, the location serves as the Cabot family's ancestral home, built in 1711.[1][2]


The building is in excellent condition, despite its age and having survived the Great War. In the basement is the kitchen along with Edward Deegan's bedroom. On the ground floor is a large living room with the dining room in the back. On the second floor is Cabot's laboratory. From the laboratory, one can continue to the third floor which consists of various bedrooms.


Notable loot


  • All the loot in the house respawns when the cell area is loaded. This includes the Fat Man and the mini nuke in the basement, the Zeta gun upstairs, and both the crates located in the basement and on the third floor.
  • Depending on the actions taken in the Secret of Cabot House, ownership of the house may fall under the ownership of Lorenzo, with most of the inhabitants killed. The only one who can be spared is Edward Deegan.

Companion comments

  • When at this location companions make comments, which are activated at three locations: the exterior by the shrubbery, the living room, and in the laboratory.
Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait Exterior "Okay, what the hell is a buildin' that nice doin' in a rundown city like this?"
Living room "There might be some valuable stuff inside. Let's go check it out."
Laboratory "I don't know what they're workin' on in here, but it can't be good."
Codsworth Exterior "That structure looks quite promising, sir/mum. It's not everyday you see such a well kept abode among the Commonwealth squalor."
Living room "Can it be? A residence untouched by time?"
Laboratory "I believe the title "mad scientist" would be appropriate here."
Curie Exterior "Oh, look at the architecture. So lovely."
Living room "Interesting. A structure in this condition might contain pristine pre-war artifacts. We should search it carefully."
Laboratory "I think this is not the good type of science."
Living room "Amazing. It's as if time itself has avoided this place."
Laboratory "Nothing good can come of this place."
Deacon Exterior "Anything that looks that pristine's got to be bad news."
Living room "Whoever their maid service is I want their number."
Laboratory "Great. Another crazy scientist. Did someone order them in bulk?"
John Hancock Exterior "Place looks like it opted out of the war entirely."
Living room "People can't actually live here, right?"
Laboratory "Wanderin' into places like this is how people end up lab experiments. Trust me."
Robert MacCready Exterior "I've got a very bad feeling about this place."
Living room "Whoever lives here must have made a deal with the devil."
Laboratory "What the heck's with all this science junk? Something isn't right here."
Nick Valentine Exterior "It's like painting a huge sign on their front door. "Rob me.""
Living room "This place is more museum than home."
Laboratory "Seem like an awful advanced set up for a civilian, don't you think?"
Piper Wright Exterior "Place gives me the creeps."
Living room "The stuff in here's older than you, Blue."
Laboratory "No, this doesn't feel like a trap at all..."
Preston Garvey Exterior "Cabot House? For real? I always thought this place was just a legend."
Living room "I feel like we've stepped back in time."
Laboratory "I can't decide if this makes Jack more impressive or even crazier than I thought."
X6-88 Exterior "We've got very little intel on this place. The more we can learn, the better."
Living room "It must take an army of robots to keep this house so clean."
Laboratory "Is this what passes for science on the surface?"


Cabot House appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

  • The Cabot family is based on the real world Cabots, one of the "first families of Boston." The first Cabot arrived in Boston from Europe in the year 1700 and since then, many business leaders and politicians have hailed from the family. A famous Boston toast goes: "And this is good old Boston, the home of the bean and the cod. Where the Lowells talk only to Cabots, and the Cabots talk only to God."
  • The artifacts upstairs are real-world objects from the ancient world, including an Elamite roundel, a Hittite wall inscription, and an Indus Valley cow votive.



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