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The cabinet is a set of five constructible settlement objects and containers in Fallout 4.


Garage cabinetsEdit

The garage cabinets are a set of steel garage cabinets which can be found in domestic and commercial premises. The standard and short long garage cabinets are built with the top to be at roughly waist height, the lower half of the garage cabinet is an open front shelf, just above ground level and the upper section contains a single drawer. The long garage cabinet has two wider lower drawers with four upper drawers, each one roughly half the width of the drawer below it.

The tall garage cabinet has two wide drawers in its lower section, the bottom drawer of two is visibly deeper and three shelves that are widely spaced between each other.

The wall garage cabinet has an outward opening, grilled door on either side, with a two open shelves in the center of the unit. There are three prongs below the unit for mounting purposes. The unit is approximately the same size as the standard floor garage cabinet.

Wooden cabinetsEdit

The wooden cabinets are a set of two cabinets commonly found in residential premises. There are two versions of the wooden cabinet, one with and one without drawers. The cabinet consists of four legs that support the main body, that contains the drawers. Wooden cabinets are not used as storage, but rather as tables.


The metal cabinets are located under Furniture → Containers, while the wooden cabinets are located under Furniture → Tables in the workshop.

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