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Cabbot is a high-level initiate[Non-game 1] of the Brotherhood of Steel in 2161.


Young, enthusiastic and talkative, Cabbot has been stationed at the entrance to Lost Hills alongside Darrel in order to greet visitors to the bunker and turn them away if need be. Although Cabbot is clad in T-51b power armor for this purpose and looks like a Brotherhood paladin at a glance, he is actually just an initiate. He's training under Vree to become a scribe, to turn his love of books into a career in the order.[1] Due to his lack of experience in the wasteland, he is a bit awestruck when experienced wastelanders visit the bunker.[Non-game 1]

However, he is also a dutiful member of the Brotherhood and carries out his orders to the letter. For the most part, it means turning away wastelanders who seek to join the Brotherhood. Usually, this takes the form of sending them to the Glow to recover an artifact, as per High Elder Maxson's orders.[2] The fact that nobody returned from the quest yet has become a running joke among the Brotherhood's members old enough to realize the purpose of the exercise was to get rid of aspirants.[3]

The Vault Dweller, who managed to retrieve the ancient Brotherhood disk, was the first person to succeed on such a quest in a very long time.[Non-game 2]

Interactions with the player character

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  • Become an initiate: When asked about joining, he will confer with the high elder and then tell the Vault Dweller to retrieve an artifact from the Glow to become an initiate in the Brotherhood.

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Power armor (not lootable) Minigun Stimpak x3
5mm AP x50


Cabbot appears only in Fallout as a talking head. He is voiced by Richard Moll.



  1. Cabbot: "{1102}{Cab_55}{The knights say he can be a tough taskmaster, but I don't personally, because uh, I'm studying under Vree to become a Scribe.}"
    "{1105}{Cab_58}{OK, well, scribes are the keepers of all the histories and the blueprints for the weapons we make. I just love books; that's why I want to be one . . . a Scribe, that is.}"
  2. Cabbot: "{115}{Cab_5}{Uh, well, I talked to the High Elder, and he said that not just anyone can join. He, um, he said you have to complete a quest first. }"
  3. Kyle: "{105}{}{Nothing. It's just that no one has ever made it back from the Ancient Order.}"
    Vault Dweller: "{107}{}{What? Then why did they send me down there?}"
    Kyle: "{109}{}{Heh, heh. I guess they just wanted to get rid of ya, huh? Well, the jokes on them.}"


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