Uh, well, I talked to the High Elder, and he said that not just anyone can join. He, um, he said you have to complete a quest first.

Cabbot is a high-level Scribe initiate[1] of the Brotherhood of Steel in 2161. Young, enthusiastic, and talkative, he is somewhat awestruck by the Vault Dweller, who's seen and done so much.


Cabbot serves as one of the two door guards at the Lost Hills bunker, the other being Darrel. He is also a joke of a recruiting officer for the Brotherhood of Steel, having sent many naive wanderers on the same wild goose chase.

Before the Vault Dweller successfully obtained the "ancient item" from the Glow, he apparently sent many other wastelanders who aspired to join the Brotherhood to find the same holodisk.[2] Many charred bodies – many of which can be assumed are dead wastelanders – lie around the facility, proving the obvious dangers involved in the Brotherhood's initiation, and the fact that many people of the wasteland wanted to join the Brotherhood.

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This character starts quests.
This character has a talking head.


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Apparel Weapon Other items
Power armor (not lootable) Minigun Stimpak x3
5mm AP x50


  • Although Cabbot is clad in T-51b power armor, and would appear to be following the path of a paladin, he is training under Vree to become a Scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel.[4]
  • Cabbot is the only talking head NPC whose Tell-Me-Abouts give a negative reaction.


Cabbot appears only in Fallout as a talking head. He is voiced by Richard Moll.



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