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CX404, also nicknamed Four and later Dogmeat,[2] is a dog that appears in the Fallout TV series.


The Target[]

FOTV S1 Ep2 Siggy with dog

CX404 and Wilzig at the lab

CX404 was born in an Enclave laboratory some years before 2296 on the West Coast, where she was slated for incineration for being underweight, but Siggi Wilzig rescued her. She was his companion while he perfected his cold fusion technology. When Wilzig's secret research was discovered by another Enclave scientist, CX404 killed the man, though not before he pulled an alarm. The pair were forced to flee the base, managing to evade being killed by an automated turret, but afterward, a bounty was placed on Wilzig's head.

They have their first encounter with Lucy MacLean at her makeshift campsite, where CX404 attacks and devours a radroach that was sneaking up on the sleeping Vault Dweller. They later briefly stop on their journey through the Wilds, where CX404 wanders into a nearby yao guai den, retrieving a severed human hand and bringing it to Wilzig. They manage to escape again.

CX404 remains with Wilzig up until they reach Filly. When Wilzig was attacked by the Ghoul, she attacked him in turn but was stabbed and incapacitated. After Wilzig escapes with Lucy's help, the Ghoul takes pity on the injured dog and brings her into Ma June's shop. He uses a stimpak to heal her and starts using her nose to track Wilzig down for the bounty.[3]

The Head[]

CX404 continues traveling with the Ghoul when they locate Wilzig's headless body after Lucy beheaded him at his request. The two later catch up to Lucy near the flooded Hollywood Boulevard. The dog is distressed and barks in protest at the Ghoul's cruelty in using Lucy to lure in the gulper that has swallowed Wilzig's head. CX404 is left behind at the lake after the Ghoul loses his supply of chems and takes Lucy away with him to sell her to Snip Snip's handlers.

The Radio[]

Thaddeus encounters CX404 sometime after he abandons Maximus and obtains Wilzig's head. The dog follows him, pawing at his catch until they reach an abandoned Red Rocket Station. The squire verbally belittles her before locking her in a Nuka-Cola dispenser to stop her from following him.

Later, the Ghoul finds his way to the gas station as well and rescues CX404 from her prison, causing her to become attached and start following him permanently. While they are camping in the night, the Ghoul renames her "Dogmeat" while sadly remarking that though he has a soft spot for her, her presence is no replacement for Roosevelt from his pre-War days.

The Beginning[]

Dogmeat does not follow the Ghoul into the Griffith Observatory, where he fights past the Brotherhood of Steel and attacks Hank MacLean. She later appears in the cemetery, where he and Lucy emerge from an escape tunnel, accompanying them on their journey to find the escaped Hank.


CX404 appears in the Fallout TV series Fallout TV series episodes "The Target", "The Head", "The Radio", and "The Beginning". She also appears in Fallout Shelter and in the Hollywood Heroes set of miniatures for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and Fallout: Factions.


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