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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
Mariposa Level 1 Field Control terminal

Dialogue for Field Control terminal at Mariposa Military Base, Level 1.


{100}{}{This looks like the Field Control computer.}
{101}{}{It appears to have a transmitter for field signaling, a receiver for remote commands, and a standard radio data communications port.}
{102}{}{As you activate the Field Control computer, you can hear a low-pitched hum throughout the complex.}
{103}{}{You do not use the computer properly.}
{104}{}{You cannot deactivate the Field Control computer. All the controls are locked and encrypted.}
{105}{}{You don't understand the computer operating system.}
{106}{}{The force field subsystems are not nearly protected well enough against the likes of your talents. You turn off all the force fields on this level.}
{107}{}{The force field subsystems are well protected, but you manage to turn half of them off. It's the best you can do.}
{108}{}{The force field subsystems are protected against electronic intrusion. You spend some time working on it, but haven't broken them yet.}
{109}{}{You break the bank in a game of 21 and sneak into the main system through the end game screen.}
{110}{}{You play a game of 21 but aren't good enough to break it.}
{111}{}{The only folder not protected is the Recreational Games folder, which might be used as a backdoor.}
{112}{}{The only folder not protected is the Recreational Games folder.}
{113}{}{You look at the computer in disgust.}
{114}{}{You think all the folders are protected but you haven't completed your search.}
{115}{}{You have broken into the main system and now need to reprogram the force field controls.}
{116}{}{You gain 800 experience points for your unusual hacking procedures. Blackjack!}
{117}{}{You link the radio into the force field control computer.}
{118}{}{Your attempt to wire the radio into the computer fails.}

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