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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

This is a dialogue file for the Cathedral's nightkin sentries.


{100}{}{You see before you a nightkin.}
{102}{}{Leave me or die!}
{103}{}{I don't like your tone. If my message does not get to the Master, I will see to it that your death is slow and painful.}
{104}{Nightkin_sentry_004}{I just wanted to compliment you on the great looking hump on your back. Your breath could use some work, though . . .}
{105}{}{Could you direct me to the man in charge?}
{106}{}{Man, you could use a drink worse than me!}
{107}{}{I'm not leaving!}
{108}{}{Okay. Me leave.}
{109}{}{It is unwise to play games with the Nightkin. Get out of here!}
{110}{}{I do not think so.}
{111}{}{I shall enjoy watching you die!}
{112}{}{Do you not listen? It is unwise to ignore the Nightkin.}
{113}{}{I must talk with you. It's urgent!}
{114}{}{Nobody's ever accused me of being wise!}
{115}{}{I just want to speak with the man in charge!}
{116}{}{You supposed to be tough or something?}
{117}{}{I'm sorry! Have a good day.}
{118}{}{You wanna see unwise? It's unwise to give me lip, asshole!}
{119}{}{Go upstairs. Others of my kind will judge the worth of your message.}
{120}{}{This is your last warning!}
{121}{}{Sure it is! Big deal . . .}
{122}{}{I REALLY need to speak with the guy in charge!}
{123}{}{Okay! Okay! I'm sorry! Have a good day.}
{124}{}{You know what your mistake is? You give warnings. I don't. Die!}