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This is a transcript for dialogue with Sergeant Reyes.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Player in NCR gear} Got a second, trooper? I've got something important that needs to get done, but nobody's stepping up to help me out. I'm hoping you're different. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {Player not in NCR gear} Hey, you're not one of the troopers... got a second? I have work I need done and nobody here at the camp has the time or inclination to help me out. 2
GREETING Happy 50 {NCR victory} {grinning} You should've heard the cheers over the radio when news of the victory came back from the Dam. 3
GREETING Fear 20 {Legion victory} {fear} I've been trying to sort out the rumors from the facts, but with the Legion coming, I guess it doesn't matter. The news is all bad. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 {Other victory} {puzzled} Lots of confusion over the radio. Somehow the NCR lost the Dam, but the Legion didn't get it, either? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 {curious} Hey, what did Chief Hanlon have to say about those false reports we uncovered? 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome back. 7
RSGlobalCommBreakdownSergeantReyesTopic001 You'd think the NCR would be very concerned about this sort of thing. Anger 20 I've been trying to get someone to authorize this update - or at the least get field clearance to leave the camp and do this myself. 8
Neutral 50 But nobody takes me seriously - they just think I'm an incompetent desk jockey trying to glamorize the importance of my job. 9
RSGlobalCommBreakdownSergeantReyesTopic002 You think someone is listening in on your broadcasts? Neutral 50 Less than a third of reported enemy sightings are getting intercepted. Either our intel is faulty, or our enemies are one step ahead of us. 10
RSGlobalCommBreakdownTopic002 What do you need help with? Neutral 50 I have the delightful task of tabulating stockpiles, kill ratios, mission success rates, radiation deaths, and other truly fascinating numbers. 11
Neutral 50 I've come across numerous inconsistencies between our numbers and our reports - especially with regards to intercepting hostiles. 12
Neutral 50 I'm wondering if our radio security codes have been compromised. I need someone to deliver security code upgrades to each of the Ranger stations. 13
RSGlobalCommBreakdownTopic003 I can't do this right now. Neutral 50 I see... well, if you change your mind and want to earn some caps, let me know. 14
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownCHFSergeantReyesTopic000 Have you heard anything unusual about any of the other Ranger stations? Neutral 50 Nothing as severe. Charlie seems to be getting a lot of extra medical supplies for some reason, while Bravo hasn't requested a resupply in awhile. 15
Neutral 50 Echo has been reporting heavy Legion activity down on their end, but that's about it. 16
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownCHFSergeantReyesTopic001 What do you do here? Neutral 50 I handle communications for Camp Forlorn Hope, compiling reports I've received from the Rangers at Camp Golf as well as the brass at McCarran. 17
Anger 5 {annoyed and underappreciated} Unofficially, I'm also in charge of radio security. No one else seems to take it as seriously as I do. 18
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownCHFSergeantReyesTopic002 Forget about it. It's over. Sad 10 {disappointed} Oh. Well, thanks for helping get to the bottom of this, I guess. 19
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic000 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Bye. 20
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic009 What makes you think you can trust me with security codes? Neutral 50 The security codes are unique to the radios at each Ranger station. They're useless anywhere else. 21
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic013 Keep it to yourself, but Hanlon is the one behind the misinformation. He's got a plan. Surprise 50 The Chief? But, he's a legend! I guess if he's got a plan behind it all, who am I to question it? I won't say a word about it to anyone else. 22
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic015 I'll help. Tell me what I need to do. Neutral 50 This holotape contains the updated security codes for the Ranger Stations. Show it to the comm officers there. 23
Neutral 50 Once the new codes are in use, anyone still using the old codes will just hear static if they're listening in on our frequencies. 24
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic063 All of the Ranger stations have been given the new security codes. Neutral 50 Glad to hear it! I'll switch over all radio broadcasts to the new encrypted channels - this ought to help us stay a step ahead of any spies. 25
Neutral 50 Before you go, I've got another job available. 26
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic064 Every station except Charlie has been given the new security codes. Charlie was wiped out. Neutral 50 The station's been silent for quite some time now... I guess this confirms what we've all feared. Thanks for letting me know. 27
Neutral 50 I'll switch over all radio broadcasts to the new encrypted channels - this ought to help us stay a step ahead of any spies. 28
Neutral 50 Before you go, I've got another job available. 29
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic065 What else did you need me to do? Neutral 50 We've received some disturbing reports from some of the Ranger stations - heavy casualties at Alpha, {disbelief} Super Mutant Legionaries at Delta. 30
Neutral 50 The weirdest one has to be the Great Khans and their trained Deathclaws at Foxtrot. These reports can't be accurate. {less certain} Can they? 31
Neutral 50 I know you've already been out there, but could you do me a solid and confirm these reports with the Rangers who sent them in? 32
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic066 Hanlon was the one sending out the false reports. He killed himself rather than turning himself in. Sad 50 What? Chief Hanlon. The man's a war hero? Why would he...? That just doesn't make sense. This is awful... 33
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic067 <Lie> Yes, everything's resolved - Hanlon and I found a Legion spy at Camp Golf. Neutral 50 I knew it. I'm glad you and the Chief were able to put a stop to this. 34
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic071 I'll investigate and let you know what I find out about those odd reports. Neutral 50 Thank you, and good luck. 35
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic101 It's complicated. Hanlon caused the misinformation, but I convinced him to stop. Surprise 50 Wait... what? Why would he do that? 36
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic102 That's not important. It's over. Disgust 20 Whatever the Chief had in mind, I'm sure it was the right thing to do - even if it did end up scaring a lot of people in the process. 37
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic103 He wanted to scare the NCR into retreating from this region - all to save lives. Neutral 50 The Chief should've known that the NCR is too stubborn to back down from anything, even when it's for the best. 38
Neutral 50 While I'm glad it wasn't an enemy who was spreading lies and killing morale, I'm disappointed that a legend like the Chief felt he had to do it. 39
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic106 I don't have time to do this right now. Neutral 50 All right, then. Come and talk to me when you do. 40
VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownRSSergeantReyesTopic107 The Rangers' versions of the reports they sent to Camp Golf don't match what you received. Anger 10 {Hanlon alive} I knew it. Every one of the false reports was signed off by Chief Hanlon at Camp Golf, but why would the Chief manipulate the reports? 41
Neutral 50 I need you to take everything we've found to Chief Hanlon and confront him with it. I don't want to make this public unless we have to. 42
The Rangers' versions of the reports they sent to Camp Golf don't match what you received. Neutral 50 {Hanlon dead} I knew it. I suspected that Chief Hanlon was behind all this, but since he's dead, there's no way we'll ever know. 43
Neutral 50 Thanks for all your help. 44


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Bye. 45