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This is a transcript for dialogue with Allen Mack during Escape!.


CGTransitionTopic CGTransitionTopic Neutral 50 Ahh, it's my stupid ankle, doc. Sprained, broken, I don't know. Slipped on some grease in one of the maintenance tunnels. 1
CGTransitionTopic Neutral 50 Come on, doc. Just one more month, that's all I'm asking for. Without those pills, I… I just don't know what I'll do. Please, I'm begging you. 2
GREETING GREETING Anger 75 You just couldn't let us live in peace, could you? You couldn't have a home, so you decided to destroy ours. 3
Anger 100 But I'll see to it that you die first! 4
GREETING Disgust 50 Well, look at who came crawling back home? {Cruel} 5
Disgust 75 What's the matter? Homesick? Outside not everything it was cracked up to be? Or was it just that Daddy didn't want you anymore? {Mocking} 6
Disgust 100 Too bad. You're not wanted here. You're scum. {Utter contempt} 7
GREETING Anger 50 You know what? I changed my mind. Playtime's over, kid. 8
GREETING Disgust 25 Aren't you supposed to be leaving? 9
GREETING Disgust 25 I just heard about your so-called "solution." I've got to admit, I didn't think you'd do it. 10
Happy 25 But, hey, you've solved my problems, and gave me an easy place to pin the blame. I guess I owe you my thanks. {Malicious respect} 11
GREETING Happy 50 I hear you talked some sense into that rabble, and convinced them to give up on their nonsense. All without bloodshed, no less. {Impressed} 12
Happy 10 Good thing, too. We can't afford to lose any more of the breeding pool. I guess I owe you something in the way of thanks. 13
GREETING Disgust 5 What do you want? 14
I just want to know why you won't open the Vault. Anger 25 Most of the people in here will just get themselves killed out there. You know that better than anyone. But down here, they've got a safe life. 15
Happy 50 And while we're down here, I'm in charge. Like the G.O.A.T. said: "To whom do we owe everything you have, including our lives?" 16
Happy 75 The Overseer! And that's me! 17
You know, I just don't care anymore. Let me leave and I'll never come back. Disgust 50 That should save us all some trouble. Now get moving, before I decide to make an example of you. 18
MS16OptionsSolution I believe I have the solution to the Vault's problems. Happy 25 Really? Humor me. {Mockingly amused.} 19
I agree with you. Let me get the rebels to stop. Surprise 75 Huh. I wasn't expecting to hear that! 20
Neutral 50 Okay, here's the deal: You go and get them to quit this Vault-opening nonsense, and I'll let you leave. Heck, I'll even throw in some pay. 21
I'm working on stopping the rebels. Give me a little more time. Anger 25 You're lucky I'm in a good mood. Get to it. {Definitely not in a good mood.} 22
Be reasonable. You need to open the Vault. Surprise 25 You know what? I hear the last Overseer tried being reasonable about things, and you killed him for his efforts. 23
Anger 50 I think I'll skip the "reasonable" thing and just kill you now. 24
I think I'll just kill you, now. Surprise 50 What a coincidence! I was thinking just the same thing! 25
MS16OverseerViolenceShortcut And you're dead. Anger 75 It's about time someone finished you! {Enraged} 26
MS16OverseerWelcome1A You're the one who's been holding his people hostage! Happy 25 Is that what they say? And you believed them? Ha! 27
Anger 25 Why, if it weren't for me, they'd go outside and die in seconds flat. They're just caught up in the idea of a change, is all. 28
Anger 50 Now, I'll make this easy for you. You can walk away and let me handle the Vault, or I can put you down like a rabid dog. Your choice, kid. {merciless} 29
Returning to stay in the safety of the Vault is reward enough. Disgust 50 You really think I'll let you stay? You're out of your tiny little mind. 30
Anger 25 Now, pick something I can shove in your arms before tossing you outside for good. 31
MS16OverseerWelcome1B Hold on, I'm here to talk. Anger 25 Really? Because you weren't here to talk with the last Overseer. That's why I'm in charge, now. 32
Neutral 50 So you'll excuse me if I don't trust you, and if I don't think you've got my Vault's best interests at heart. 33
Anger 50 Now, I'll make this easy for you. You can walk away and let me handle the Vault, or I can put you down like a rabid dog. Your choice, kid. {merciless} 34
I'll take my payment in food and ammo. Disgust 35 Useful stuff out there, I'll bet. And if it'll get you back out there faster, then all the better. 35
Disgust 5 We don't have much, but here you go. Now, get. 36
MS16OverseerWelcome1C You shut up about my dad! Just shut up! Happy 50 What's the matter, runt? Did I hit a sore spot? {Mocking} 37
Disgust 50 I always knew we shouldn't have taken him in, and it looks like I was right all along. A perfect example of why we need to keep the Vault shut! 38
Anger 50 Now, I'll make this easy for you. You can walk away and let me handle the Vault, or I can put you down like a rabid dog. Your choice, kid. {merciless} 39
I'll take your G.E.C.K., and whatever technology you can spare. Disgust 25 G.E.C.K.? We never had one of those things in the first place. We weren't supposed to ever leave, remember? 40
Surprise 5 But take this Modified Utility Jumpsuit. I guess the rebels thought it would be useful when they left. Obviously, that won't be happening now. 41
Disgust 50 Congrats, you saved the Vault. Now, get out. {Mockingly congratulatory} 42
I'll take scientific equipment. That's one thing you've got plenty of. Disgust 25 Sure, fine. As it turns out, Brotch modified himself a utility jumpsuit for survival in the Wastes. As if he was ever getting out there. 43
Anger 50 Here, it's yours. Don't say I never repaid a favor. Now, get the hell out of my Vault. 44


CG04SecurityBarks CG04SecurityBarks Anger 100 You! This is your fault! You and your stupid father! He had to go and leave, didn’t he? He had to mess things up for everybody! 45
CG04SecurityBarks Anger 100 Guards! Guards, he’s over here! 46
CG04SecurityBarks Anger 100 Guards! Guards, she’s over here! 47
CG04SecurityBarks Anger 100 The doc’s stupid kid is over here! He’s trying to leave the Vault! Don’t let him get away! 48
CG04SecurityBarks Anger 100 The doc’s stupid kid is over here! She’s trying to leave the Vault! Don’t let her get away! 49
CG04SecurityBarks Anger 100 Guards! {long drawn out angry shout for help} 50