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This is a transcript for dialogue with Paul Hannon Jr..

Topics Edit

CG03PaulResponse1 Why do you listen to Butch? Surprise 100 Because he's my pal. My brother. All us Tunnel Snakes are brothers. Birth to earth. Womb to tomb. 1
Anger 100 Mostly because Tunnel Snakes rule! 2
CG03PaulResponse2 Hold on. You're in the Tunnel Snakes? You guys really do rule! Happy 100 You got that right. 3
Anger 50 Better not forget it, either. 4
Tunnel Snakes? You guys are some kind of gang, is that it?
What's all this about the Tunnel Snakes? Happy 100 That's us. And we rule! 5
Anger 100 No one messes with the Tunnel Snakes. Or they have to answer to Butch. And Wally. You don't want to be on their bad sides. Trust me. 6
CG03TunnelSnakeResponse1 Yeah. I got that. Why are you picking on Amata? Disgust 100 None of your business. Because Butch said so. And what Butch says, goes. 7
Anger 100 Tunnel Snakes rule! 8
CG03TunnelSnakeResponse2 Don't you have something better to do? Disgust 100 Can't think of anything. Butch says this little bitch is blabbing to her daddy about us Tunnel Snakes. We can't have that. 9
Anger 100 Because we're the Tunnel Snakes. And we rule! 10
GREETING GREETING Anger 100 Tunnel Snakes rule! 11
GREETING Neutral 50 What? What do you want, nerd? {This kid is stupid.} 12
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh look, it's Doc's kid. Great. What you do want, nerdboy? {This kid is stupid.} 13
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh look, it's Doc's kid. Great. What you do want, nerdgirl? {This kid is stupid.} 14
GREETING Neutral 50 You again! What'd I tell you about talking to me, huh? I don't want to catch a case of the nerd from you! {This kid is stupid.} 15

Conversation Edit

CG03BullyTalk CG03BullyTalk Happy 70 Hey, fatso, I got something you can put in your mouth! 16
CG03BullyTalk Anger 100 Watch out! Wide load coming through! 17
CG03BullyTalk Anger 80 Hey, lardass! 18
CG03BullyTalk Anger 100 She thinks she's better than us! 19
CG03BullyTalk Anger 100 Tell her, Butch! 20
CG03BullyTalk Anger 100 She's nothing, Butch! 21
CG03ButchLeavingTalk CG03ButchLeavingTalk Happy 100 Whatever you say, Butch. You're the boss! Tunnel Snakes rule! 22
CG03TurnInTestTopic CG03TurnInTestTopic Fear 50 I'm all done, Mr. Brotch. I guess. {nervous and worried and a bit flustered} 23
CG03TurnInTestTopic Fear 75 Uh. Wait a second. Can I have it back? I think I need to change one of my answers. {nervous and worried and a bit flustered} 24
CG03TurnInTestTopic Surprise 75 Oh, gee! That's not so bad. Engineering, all right! 25
CG03WallyLeavingTalk CG03WallyLeavingTalk Fear 100 Are you sure? Butch? Um... okay. Whatever you say, Wally. Tunnel Snakes rule! 26
I have to go now.
Later, Paul. Anger 100 Much later! Tunnel Snakes rule! 27
HELLO HELLO Anger 100 Snake life forever. 28

Combat Edit

Attack Attack Anger 50 Oh, a tough guy, huh? 29
Attack Anger 50 I got another one just like that in my other hand. 30
Attack Anger 50 Teach you to mess with the Tunnel Snakes! 31
Attack Anger 50 Had enough yet? 32
Attack Anger 50 Come on! 33
Attack Anger 50 Oh yeah. 34
Attack Anger 50 Get him, guys! 35
Attack Anger 50 Get her, guys! 36
Attack Happy 50 Did you see that, Butch? I nailed him a good one! 37
Attack Disgust 50 I can't believe I'm hitting a girl. 38
Attack Anger 50 Tunnel Snakes rule, losers drool! 39
AttackResponse AttackResponse Anger 50 Nice one, Butch! 40
AttackResponse Anger 50 Give him another one! 41
AttackResponse Anger 50 Give her another one! 42
AttackResponse Anger 50 Hit him again! 43
AttackResponse Anger 50 Hit her again! 44
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