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This is a transcript for dialogue with Butch DeLoria during Future Imperfect.


CG03ButchChoice1 Leave her alone, or you'll answer to me. Fear 50 Whoa, take it easy. No need to go all psycho on me again. We were just joking with her. {a bully backing down from a bigger bully} 1
Leave her alone, or you'll answer to me. Happy 100 And who are you? Her boyfriend? Ha! 2
Anger 100 Keep talking like that, boy, and we'll send you back to your daddy with a few broken bones for him to fix. 3
Leave her alone, or you'll answer to me. Happy 100 And who are you? Her girlfriend? Ha! Should have known. 4
Anger 100 Keep talking like that, girl, and we'll send you back to your daddy with a few broken bones for him to fix. 5
CG03ButchChoice2 Maybe I can help. She's very sensitive about her weight... Surprise 100 Her weight, huh? I can see why. 6
Anger 100 You're okay, pipsqueak. Now, run along before you get hurt. 7
CG03ButchChoice3 I'll just be going now. Neutral 50 Damn right you will. Get lost. 8
CG03ButchChoice4 That's it, Butch. You and me. Right now. Surprise 75 You've got to be kidding me. 9
Happy 75 Come on Tunnel Snakes, this twerp needs another lesson. 10
CG03ButchChoiceSpeech If you keep messing with her, the Overseer is going to come down on your gang. Disgust 50 Maybe you're right. We can deal with her later. 11
CG03ButchQuitTopic CG03ButchQuitTopic Disgust 100 You're pathetic. This isn't even worth our time. 12
Disgust 100 You and your little girlfriend have fun together. We're outta here. 13
Anger 100 C'mon, Tunnel Snakes! Let's go! 14
CG03ButchQuitTopic Surprise 100 Okay, okay. You win. We'll leave the little girl alone! 15
Disgust 100 You're not worth our time, anyway. 16
Anger 100 C'mon, Tunnel Snakes. We're outta here. 17
CG03ButchResponse1 What's going on here? Anger 100 None of your business, kid. Get outta here before you get hurt. 18
Neutral 50 If you mess with the Tunnel Snakes, you're asking for it. Got me? 19
CG03ButchResponse2 Looks like you're having fun. Anger 100 Damn right. And you'll stay out of our way, if you know what's good for you. 20
Neutral 50 No one messes with the Tunnel Snakes. Especially not this stuck up little daddy's girl. 21
CG03ButchResponse3 Hey, it's none of my business. Neutral 50 You've got that right. Just keep moving, and maybe we won't come looking for you next. 22
Neutral 50 Leave Tunnel Snake business to the Tunnel Snakes. 23
CG03TunnelSnakeInfo Tunnel Snakes? You guys are some kind of gang, is that it? Disgust 100 Only the baddest gang in Vault 101. Like you don't know. We rule this Vault, and what we say goes. 24
Anger 100 You'll stay out of our way, if you know what's good for you. 25
GREETING GREETING Disgust 25 Buzz off, nosebleed. 26
GREETING Happy 75 You're all right, kid. See you around. 27
GREETING Anger 50 We'll talk to your little friend... later. Ha ha ha. 28
GREETING Anger 50 This isn't over, punk. 29
GREETING Anger 100 I look like I want to chit-chat, nosebleed? What, you want another beating? 30
GREETING Anger 75 Hey, look. It's smart mouth. Afraid I ain't got time for your fancy words right now. So beat it. {suspicious ... expecting to be tricked somehow (like so many times before)} 31
GREETING Surprise 50 Look, I'm not looking to rumble with you. How about we just stay out of each other's business, like usual. {surprised you're talking to him you and he have an uneasy truce worked out} 32
GREETING Anger 50 Yeah? What do you want? 33
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Anger 50 Like I'm going to listen to a little shrimp like you. Get lost, Poindexter. 34


CG03BullyIntroConv CG03BullyIntroConv Happy 70 I can show you a real tunnel snake, Amata. 35
CG03BullyIntroConv Happy 70 What are you going to do, Amata, go run and tell your daddy on us? {taunting, in a voice like she's a little kid} 36
CG03BullyTalk CG03BullyTalk Disgust 80 Amata's not fat, she's just 5 feet too short. 37
CG03BullyTalk Disgust 100 We're gonna run out of rations if Amata keeps eating. 38
CG03BullyTalk Happy 90 Gonna go cry to your daddy, fatass? 39
CG03BullyTalk Anger 100 You put on a couple of pounds, Amata? 40
CG03BullyTalk Anger 100 What's the matter. Daddy's girl gonna cry? 41
CG03BullyTalk Happy 70 I can show you a real tunnel snake, Amata. 42
CG03BullyTalk Anger 100 You think you're special because your daddy is the Overseer? 43
CG03ButchLeavingTalk CG03ButchLeavingTalk Anger 100 C'mon, Tunnel Snakes. This little bitch isn't worth our time. 44
CG03ButchSpeech CG03ButchSpeech Happy 100 {Butch smothering a snickering laugh acting like an idiot in class} 45
CG03ButchSpeech Happy 50 Sure thing, Mr. Brotch. {innocently what me? I didn't do anything!} 46
CG03TurnInTestTopic CG03TurnInTestTopic Disgust 50 Yo teach. I'm done. 47
CG03TurnInTestTopic Anger 50 You're so full of it! That isn't true! 48
CG03WallyLeavingTalk CG03WallyLeavingTalk Anger 100 I'm not finished with you, either, twerp. 49
CG03WallyLeavingTalk Anger 100 This ain't over, daddy's girl. 50
CG03WallyLeavingTalk Anger 100 Fine. Let's go. I was done here, anyway. 51
CG03WallyLeavingTalk Anger 100 Done? We're not done! I say when we're done. 52
HELLO HELLO Anger 100 She is looking a little heavy. 53
HELLO Anger 100 Back off, kid. This is Tunnel Snake business. 54
HELLO Anger 100 I've got other things to do. 55
HELLO Anger 25 Get out of my face. 56


Attack Attack Anger 50 Oh, a tough guy, huh? 57
Attack Anger 50 I got another one just like that in my other hand. 58
Attack Anger 50 Teach you to mess with the Tunnel Snakes! 59
Attack Anger 50 Had enough yet? 60
Attack Anger 50 Come on! 61
Attack Anger 50 Oh yeah. 62
Attack Anger 50 Get him, guys! 63
Attack Anger 50 Get her, guys! 64
Attack Happy 50 How do you like that, Poindexter? 65
Attack Anger 50 Tunnel Snakes rule, losers drool! 66
AttackResponse AttackResponse Anger 50 Give him another one! 67
AttackResponse Anger 50 Give her another one! 68
AttackResponse Anger 50 Hit him again! 69
AttackResponse Anger 50 Hit her again! 70