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This is a transcript for dialogue with Amata during Future Imperfect.


CG03AmataChoice1 I'll see if I can talk some sense into them. Happy 100 Thanks. You've always been a good friend. Try talking to Butch. They'll all do whatever he says. 1
CG03AmataChoice2 You have to fight your own battles. I can't help you with everything... Anger 70 Fight my own battles? Sure. Three against one is fair. What's gotten into you? 2
Sad 70 I thought we were friends. Turns out you're just as big a jerk as these idiots. 3
CG03AmataChoice3 Look, Amata, this is none of my business. I don't want to get involved... Neutral 50 Don't want to get involved? Thanks a lot. 4
Sad 70 Fine. Go. I don't need your help, anyway. 5
Tunnel Snakes? You guys are some kind of gang, is that it?
Butch and his friends bothering you again? Disgust 100 A bunch of idiots, if you ask me. They think they're so tough, with their "gang." 6
Anger 80 All they ever do is hang around and cause trouble. They've got it in for me because my father is the Overseer. Like that's my fault! 7
CGTransitionTopic CGTransitionTopic Neutral 50 What is their problem, anyway? So I'm the Overseer's daughter? So what? Like I get any kind of special treatment! At least… at least I've got you. 8
GREETING GREETING Neutral 100 Shh. I'm trying to concentrate. 9
GREETING Sad 100 I heard what you said. Why would you do that? Just leave me alone! 10
GREETING Anger 40 Thanks for your help, jerk. It's good to know I can count on you when I'm in trouble. {completely sarcastic (you actually did not help her)} 11
GREETING Happy 100 Thank God that's over. Come on, let's go get some lunch. 12
GREETING Anger 100 Thanks for getting rid of them. Assholes. 13
Anger 50 I don't know why they won't leave me alone. Just because my father is the Overseer, I guess. Idiots. 14
GREETING Anger 100 Stupid Tunnel Snakes! Immature assholes, if you ask me. 15
Disgust 100 Why won't they leave me alone? It's not my fault my father's the Overseer. I don't care about their stupid gang! 16
Happy 100 Can you talk to them? Maybe Butch will listen to you. Please? 17


CG03AmataFight CG03AmataFight Anger 50 Butch, stop it! Leave him alone! 18
CG03AmataFight Anger 50 Butch, stop it! Leave her alone! 19
CG03AmataFight Anger 50 Please! Stop fighting! 20
CG03AmataFight Anger 50 Stop it! 21
CG03AmataFight Anger 50 This isn't solving anything! 22
CG03AmataTalk CG03AmayaTalk Fear 100 I'm not fat! 23
CG03AmayaTalk Fear 100 But, I'm not fat! 24
CG03AmayaTalk Fear 100 Stop it! Stop it! 25
CG03AmayaTalk Fear 100 Leave me alone! 26
CG03AmayaTalk Fear 100 Stay away from me! 27
CG03AmayaTalk Fear 80 Back off, Butch! 28
CG03AmayaTalk Anger 80 Shut up, Butch! 29
CG03AmayaTalk Fear 70 Go away, you stupid Tunnel Snakes! 30
CG03AmayaTalk Fear 100 I'm not scared of you, Wally Mack! 31
CG03AmayaTalk Fear 100 Leave me alone, Wally! 32
CG03AmayaTalk Fear 100 Help! 33
CG03AmayaTalk Neutral 50 Get away from me! 34
CG03BullyIntroConv CG03BullyIntroConv Anger 50 Get out of my way, you stupid Tunnel Snakes! 35
CG03BullyIntroConv Fear 70 God, Butch, why don't you just leave me alone. 36
CG03TurnInTestTopic CG03TurnInTestTopic Neutral 50 Here you are, Mr. Brotch. I hope I did okay. 37
CG03TurnInTestTopic Happy 75 Thanks. See you tomorrow. 38
I have to go now.
See you, fatty. Sad 100 I hate you! 39
Take care, Amata. Happy 100 You, too. Thanks again for your help. 40
Bye, Amata. Sad 100 You've got to help me. 41
HELLO HELLO Sad 100 Why would you do that? 42
HELLO Disgust 100 Why don't you go hang out with your new friends? 43
HELLO Happy 100 Thank God that's over. 44
HELLO Anger 100 Get these idiots away from me! 45


Attack Attack Fear 100 Just get away from me! 46
Attack Fear 100 Stay back! 47
Attack Fear 100 Leave me alone! 48
Death Death Pained 100 Ahhh! 49
Hit Hit Pained 100 Aggh! 50
Hit Pained 100 Oh! 51
Hit Pained 100 Ahh! 52