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This is a transcript for dialogue with Stanley Armstrong during Growing Up Fast.


CG02StanleyA1 It's really cool. Did you fix it up for me? Happy 50 As a matter of fact I did. I'm glad you like it. Some may think the A series a bit basic, but I've always preferred them for their reliability. {modestly} 1
CG02StanleyA2 It's all right. Seems kind of old, though. Happy 50 Of course it is. Just like everybody else's. They don't make 'em any more now, do they? {with a laugh at your naivete} 2
Neutral 50 That one I've been saving just for you, though. The A series is a bit heavier than some of the fancier models, but it won't let you down. 3
Happy 15 I bet you could drop a bomb on one and it would still work. As a matter of fact, I know you could. {emphasis on "know" in last sentence. He's musing to himself about Pip-Boys He Has Known...} 4
CG02StanleyA3 I hate it. How do I get it off? Surprise 100 Get it off? Why in the world would you want to do that? Your Pip-Boy's the best friend you'll ever have! {he's shocked that you would even think of such a thing} 5
Happy 50 Besides, you can't get it off. Biometric seals et cetera. I could tell you some stories about trying to take 'em off the old folks... {warming to one of his favorite subjects} 6
Neutral 50 ...ah, well, that's hardly a fit subject for a kid's birthday party. {catching himself before tells a story too shocking for 10 year old ears} 7
Neutral 50 Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Pretty soon you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. {reassuringly} 8
CG02StanleyA4 Wally said my Pip-Boy was a piece of junk! Happy 50 Don't you listen to him. The A series may be a bit heavier than the luxury models, but they were built to last. {reassuringly} 9
Happy 50 Solid as a vault, they are. And I fixed her up myself. Shouldn't need to open her up again for a decade or two. 10
CG02StanleyB1 Thanks, Stanley. Happy 50 Don't mention it. {modestly} 11
Happy 65 Oh yes, I almost forgot. Happy birthday! It's not much, but I hope you like it. 12
CG02StanleyB2 Sure, whatever. Did you bring me anything for my birthday? Happy 50 Here am I going on about your Pip-Boy and I clean forgot about your present! {palm slap to face kind of delivery} 13
Happy 65 Here you go. Happy birthday! It's not much, but I hope you like it. 14
CG02StanleyB3 <Yawn> That's really really interesting. Disgust 10 Sure, most people don't give a thought to their Pip-Boy as long as it keeps working. {resuming his normal diffident manner he thought he was talking to a fellow Pip-Boy enthusiast but now he realizes he was wrong} 15
Neutral 100 Well, anyway, I got you this for your birthday. It isn't much and you probably already have one, but there you go. Happy birthday. 16
GREETING GREETING Happy 50 How do you like that Pip-Boy, son? Fit all right and everything? 17
GREETING Happy 50 How do you like that there Pip-Boy, miss? Fit all right and everything? 18
GREETING Neutral 50 You let me know if that Pip-Boy ever gives you any trouble. 19


CG02IntroSurprise CG02IntroSurprise Neutral 50 Surprise! 20
CG02IntroYell CG02IntroYell Neutral 50 Happy birthday! 21
CG02PartyTalkAmataGreeting CG02PartyTalkAmataGreeting Happy 50 Oh, sure, nothing to worry about. Me and Andy got her all fixed up again last night, good as new. 22