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This is a transcript for dialogue with Butch DeLoria during Growing Up Fast.


CG02ButchA1 Mrs. Palmer said I didn't have to share. Since it's my birthday... Happy 20 "Mrs. Palmer said I didn't have to share"... Who's talking about sharing, moron? I want the whole thing. {first part is in a mocking imitation of the player's line} 1
Anger 20 Now are you going to give me that sweetroll, or am I going to give you a knuckle sandwich? {tough-guy 10 year old} 2
CG02ButchA2 How about we share it? Half for me, half for you. That's fair, right? Disgust 35 "How about we share it"... What are you, five? Give me that sweetroll or I'm going to pound you. {mocking the player} 3
CG02ButchA3 You can have it. I don't even like sweetrolls. Happy 75 Yeah, right. Thanks, loser. Oh, and happy birthday, ha ha ha ha! 4
CG02ButchA4 Sure, Butch. <Spit on the sweetroll and give it to him.> Anger 80 Gah! I don't want your nerd-cooties! You're going to be sorry you did that. We'll see how tough you are later when the grownups aren't around. 5
CG02ButchA5 Go soak your head, Butch. I'm not giving you my sweetroll. Surprise 30 Oh yeah? We'll see about that. {grinning with anticipation of punching you in the face} 6
CG02ButchA6 You do look hungry. What, your mom drank up all the ration coupons again? Anger 100 Don't you talk about my mom, you little punk! {enraged} 7
CG02ButchA7 I threw it away. But you're welcome to eat it off the floor if you want. Anger 80 You think you're funny? We'll see how funny you are later when I'm pounding on your face. Come on, Paul, this loser ain't worth our time. 8
CG02ButchA8 Mmmm... It sure was good when I ate it a few minutes ago. Anger 50 You what?! Dang, I love those sweetrolls Old Lady Palmer makes. You... little... Just stay out of my way, you got it? {almost sputtering with frustration you cheated him out of both the sweetroll and the chance to bully you for it} 9
CGTransitionTopic CGTransitionTopic Neutral 50 What's the matter, teacher's pet? Gonna cry? Awww... Waaahh! Go run home to daddy. 10
GREETING GREETING Disgust 50 I'm hungry and that stupid robot destroyed the cake. 11
Anger 60 Give me that sweetroll you got from Old Lady Palmer. 12
GREETING Happy 80 Mmm, that sweetroll was really good. You can tell Old Lady Palmer thanks for me. Ha ha ha! 13
GREETING Anger 80 So you're a tattletale, too. Just wait. Gomez isn't always going to be around to save your butt. 14
GREETING Anger 80 You're going to be really sorry you messed with me, punk. 15
GREETING Neutral 50 Nice party, butt-head. Now get lost before I have to make you cry. 16
GREETING Disgust 50 Didn't I tell you to stop bothering us? Shove off, dork. 17
GREETING Disgust 50 My mom made me come to your stupid party, but don't expect me to hang out with you. Get lost, loser. 18
GREETING Disgust 50 Why don't you go play dolls or something with your little friend Amata. No girls allowed. 19
GREETING Disgust 50 Hey, I think your girlfriend Amata is looking for you. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Ha ha ha. {teasing emphasis on "girlfriend" (these are 10-year-olds).} 20


CG02ButchSpeech CG02ButchSpeech Anger 50 You're going to be sorry, you little smartmouth. 21
CG02ButchSpeech Surprise 50 What, is she your best friend now? Hey, Wally, I think Paul's in love... {10-year-old mean teasing} 22
CG02ButchSpeech Surprise 50 What, are you two best friends now? Hey, Wally, I think Paul's gone soft on us. {10-year-old mean teasing} 23
CG02GomezButchScene CG02GomezButchScene Happy 25 Hey, Officer Gomez. Nice party, huh? {trying to be excessively cool and laid back, even though he knows he's in trouble} 24
CG02GomezButchScene Surprise 50 What'd he tell you, it was my fault? You didn't hear what he said to me! {kind of whining} 25
CG02GomezButchScene Surprise 50 What'd she tell you, it was my fault? You didn't hear what she said to me! {kind of whining} 26
CG02GomezButchScene Neutral 100 Fine. Tell my mom. Big deal. Are we done? {defiantly, insolently} 27
GOODBYE I have to go now. Happy 25 Who wants to go around all day being called a "Vault Dweller"? Sometimes I think you really are as dumb as you look. 28
I have to go now. Disgust 50 Jeez, Wally. Who's the head of the gang, you or me? No way. 29
I have to go now. Anger 15 Nice try. But shouldn't it be "The Big Cheese and Wally"? And why do you always have to get your name in there? 30
I have to go now. Anger 30 We're not naming ourselves after you. Drop it, all right? 31
I have to go now. Surprise 25 Well at least it doesn't have your name in it somewhere. Which makes it better than any of your other ideas. 32
I have to go now. Anger 30 I never said I didn't like it. I just haven't made up my mind yet, okay? 33
I have to go now. Disgust 50 Paul, you really are as dumb as you look, aren't you? Sounds like a washing machine or something. 34
I have to go now. Happy 50 Shut up, Paul. Ha ha ha! Look at his face. 35
I have to go now. Disgust 50 That's not bad... Wait, didn't you just say that a minute ago? Come on, dummy, we need new ideas! {emphasis on the "new"} 36
I have to go now. Happy 75 I'll tell you one person who's not going to be in it. You! Ha ha ha. Just kidding, Paul. No I wasn't. Yes I was. Psych! Ha ha ha. {Butch cracks himself up} 37
I have to go now. Anger 50 Go ahead and punk out if you want. Me and Wally will find somebody else to be in our gang. 38
I have to go now. Surprise 50 Hmm. Grease Weasels. Pretty good. But is a weasel scary, or just goofy? They've got teeth and everything, right? 39
I have to go now. Anger 20 I said I'd think about it. Come on, we need some new ones. 40
I have to go now. Disgust 50 Shut up and let me think a minute. {disgusted at the whole situation} 41
I have to go now. Disgust 25 Well... I don't know. I've got to think about it. {disgusted at the whole situation} 42
I have to go now. Disgust 50 Oh, never mind. I can't believe my mom made me come to this stupid party. {disgusted at the whole situation} 43
HELLO HELLO Happy 25 So what do you think we should call our gang? It's got to be totally killer, though. 44
HELLO Happy 25 Come on, Wally. You always have good ideas. 45
HELLO Neutral 50 Show us how smart you are, Wally. What should we call ourselves? 46
HELLO Neutral 25 Hey, Paul, your hobby's open. Whoa, that's your hobby? Ha ha ha ha! Now quick, give me an idea for what to name our gang. 47
HELLO Neutral 25 Um. What about the "Tunnel Rats"? Or aren't rats tough enough? 48
HELLO Happy 25 Hmm. Snakes are cool, right? The Vault Snakes! What do you guys think? 49
HELLO Happy 25 Maybe... the Vault Rats? You guys like that? 50
HELLO Disgust 25 Come on, you guys can do better than that. We need a good name! 51
HELLO Disgust 25 You guys are dumb. Somebody's got to have a better idea than those. 52
HELLO Happy 25 Hey, happy birthday, nosebleed. Ha ha ha. {nastily} 53
HELLO Happy 25 I didn't bring you a present, if that's what you're wondering. {nastily} 54
HELLO Disgust 25 Just because I came to your party doesn't mean I have to talk to you. {nastily} 55
HELLO Disgust 25 What are you looking at? {nastily} 56


Attack Attack Anger 50 Hold still, punk. 57
Attack Anger 50 You should have just given me the sweetroll. 58
Attack Anger 50 Say "uncle"! 59
Attack Anger 50 How do you like that, huh? 60