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In space, no one can hear terrible acting! Venture onto the set of the old Captain Cosmos TV show, and obtain a unique weapon, outfit, and a set of Power Armor that would make any space cadet proud!Creation Club description

CC-00 power armor is a set of power armor in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Captain Cosmos."


Shortly before the Great War, the USSA developed the CC-00 power armor for the season finale of a live-action adaptation of Captain Cosmos, as part of a promotional stunt aimed to rekindle support for the failing Mars Shot Project.[1] Hubris Studios received several sets of the armor on set at Hub 360 on October 20, 2077.[2]


The iconic space-themed power armor stands out with a pristine white and orange paintjob, stamped with the Captain Cosmos logo on the right breast. The armor joints are accentuated with metallic shades and fabric coverings. A bold reflective visor and orange headlamp adorns the helmet. The armor is accessorized with colored tubing and an oxygen tank on the upper back, mimicking the appearance of an astronaut suit.


The power armor is slightly inferior to the X-01 power armor in terms of Damage Resistance (1580 vs 1820) and Energy Resistance (1245 vs 1390), while both have the same amount of Radiation Resistance (1050).


The standalone power armor may be customized with various paintjobs.

FO4CC CC-00 power armor tesla.png

Tesla bracers
CC-00 power armor ArcJet Systems paint.png

ArcJet paint (+CHR)
CC-00 power armor RepConn paint.png

REPCONN paint (+CHR)
CC-00 power armor Hot Rod flames paint.png

Hot Rod Flames paint (+AGI)
CC-00 power armor Hot Rod shark paint.png

Hot Rod Shark paint (+AGI)
CC-00 power armor Hot Rod hot pink paint.png

Hot Rod Hot Pink paint (+AGI)
CC-00 power armor Chrome paint.png

Chrome paint (+PER)
CC-00 power armor Enclave paint.png

Enclave paint (+STR)
CC-00 power armor Minuteman paint.png

Minutemen paint (+CHR)
CC-00 power armor BOS paint.png

BoS paint (+STR)
CC-00 power armor Institute paint.png

Institute paint (+INT)
CC-00 power armor Railroad paint.png

Railroad paint (+PER)


  • Hub 360 - in a room above the scaffolding next to the film set.

Behind the scenes

Captain Cosmos' power armor is modeled after iconic astronaut suit designs from the 1950's.