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You and I both know that's a load of horse shit. Stop treating me like one of your... "soft drink competitors." I'm here representing the U.S. Military. I already told you'd be well compensated. Now, cut the crap and tell me what you're really after.

General C. Braxton was a general in the U.S. Army before the Great War.


General Braxton was a high ranking official involved in the development of military chemical weapon programs. In February of 2075, the General selected Dyer Chemical as part of the Army's Project Clean & Clear. Originally framing the military takeover as a suggestion.[1] However once Stanley Dyer (CEO) refused the offer, due to the company losing production and capital, the General directly ordered the company to begin its retrofit to comply with the Project. Threatening to replace the entire workforce with robots if he had to.[2] Taking this threat seriously, Mr. Dyer adamantly refused, threatening to go to his local Senator.[3] Taking this as an insult the General insulted Mr. Dyer, framing the hostile takeover as the country asking for help in dire times.[4] Not being fooled, nor moved, Mr. Dyer went to his Senator to lay presser on the General's superiors to back off.[5] This, however, didn't work, as the General had a mole in the companies operation for over a year. This mole reported about the companies illegal dumping of toxic waste and its "accidental spills", threatening to take the information to the press should the company not comply.[6] With no other options Mr. Dyer acquested, the company retrofitted itself within three months.[7]

In 2077, he struck a bargain with John-Caleb Bradberton: In return for access to LEAP-X Program assets and technical expertise, Bradberton would initiate Project Cobalt and the development of chemical weapons of mass destruction.[8] Following the construction of a secure Beverageer Division's laboratory, testing began in earnest and the first findings were presented to the general, who greenlit weapons development of strontium-90 sample into the Nuka-nuke and special power armor coating.[9][10][11]


A character model for General Braxton can be found in the console. He will spawn wearing wildman rags, but this character was cut from the add-on before release.


General Braxton is mentioned only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World and Fallout 76.



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