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For the Fallout: The Board Game location, see C.I.T. ruins (Fallout: The Board Game).


The C.I.T. ruins is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. A pre-War institute of higher education known as the "Commonwealth Institute of Technology," abbreviated as "C.I.T." The ruins are the primary insertion point for the Institute's coursers.[1]


The main area, called the C.I.T. rotunda, was a landmark of the school before the war. The courtyard and outside areas of the rotunda are littered with debris. On the western side of the rotunda building, there are two Pulowski Preservation Shelters.

Notable loot

  • Mini nuke - On the floor in a pile of dirt in the Rotunda.
  • There is a Vault-Tec lunchbox in the Pulowski Preservation Shelter closest to the shoreline.


  • If the Sole Survivor chooses to destroy the Institute in the quest the Nuclear Option, the C.I.T. ruins are destroyed with it. The destruction levels the entire area, creating a crater that floods with water from Charles River. When in the immediate area, the sky will turn green and lightning will streak across the sky like in the Glowing Sea.
  • Scattered throughout the rotunda are small stacks of perfectly clean, undamaged pre-War books. They cannot be interacted with.
  • Though the flatbed truck in front of the rotunda only contains empty radiation barrels, it still adds a substantial amount of rads to those around its vicinity.
  • Despite the Institute being located directly below the ruins, it is impossible to reach through the ruins (except in Ad Victoriam). Under normal circumstances, one has to use the molecular relay to access the Institute.


The C.I.T. ruins appear only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

  • The Commonwealth Institute of Technology is a reference to the real world Massachusetts Institute of Technology.\
  • At one of the entrances, there is a subtle nod to the film Good Will Hunting, where a skeleton of a janitor is found lying in front of a chalkboard where a difficult math problem has been posted, similar to the plot of the film. The story of Good Will Hunting also occurs in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Icon ps4.png On occasion, there may be an invisible super mutant on the second floor. This is not a Stealth Boy effect since the super mutant is completely invisible even in V.A.T.S.. However, it can still be killed and looted. Companions seem to have no trouble targeting the threat.[verified]



  1. Virgil: "The primary insertion point for Coursers is in the ruins of CIT, directly above the Institute. So you'll want to head there."
    (Virgil's dialogue)
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